mcbill has flown 570,291 miles in 398 sectors since 26th July 1977. See their stats, map or retrospectives.
Flight Date From To Miles Cabin U/G? Seat Aircraft Notes
SN502 13 Feb 2018 18:15 JFK BRU 3663 Business 4E OO-SFU A332 private.
LX14 06 Feb 2018 13:00 ZRH JFK 3928 Business 4A HB-JHG A333 private.
LX787 06 Feb 2018 09:55 BRU ZRH 300 Business 3F HB-IPT 319 private. Uncle Toms funeral,.on LH M&M miles.
SN2714 03 Jan 2018 11:25 GVA BRU 330 Economy 320 private.
SN2721 19 Dec 2017 16:45 BRU GVA 330 Economy 20>23D OO-SNB 320 Rackh priv, JLM drive
SN3820 20 May 2017 19:45 LIS BRU 1067 Economy OO-SSE 319 priv, Portugal fly, drive& stay.
SN3811 13 May 2017 10:40 BRU OPO 915 Economy Y OO-SNF 320 Amar priv. OO-SNF 320 Amare (Tomorrowland) Portugal fly & drive from Holiday line.
LX780 03 Jan 2017 15:50 ZRH BRU 300 Business HB-JVN E190 priv, ret.from jLM drive
LX2809 03 Jan 2017 11:00 GVA ZRH 143 Business 5F HB-JLS 320 priv, ret.from jLM drive. Swiss Choice upgrade €69/direction.
LX2810 20 Dec 2016 17:45 ZRH GVA 143 Business Y 6F HB-IJN A320 paid u/g, see previous.
LX781 20 Dec 2016 15:05 BRU ZRH 300 Business Y 6F HB-JVO. E190 paid u/g from handluggage only,marginall for E65/direction.Total only a little more than cheapest direct with similar times. bus schedule strangeness again, discrepancy between all 3 online, posted and real, left house 12.40, arrived 13.20. alone at FT. lounge calm.
LX788 03 Mar 2016 18:00 ZRH BRU 300 Business Y 4F HB-IJI 320 Lift accidentally ended up at F lounge back door,would not allow me through to J.Down again,up again. Penne Putanesca&sandwiches, icecream not offered anymore.Gate door alert closed issue,federal police came to reset.On board cold platter grisson,tete,tomme,no Earl Grey.Just missed bus,waited 10 mins,then back to BRU to pick up JLM GVABRU for DJD BD weekend
LX2813 03 Mar 2016 15:45 GVA ZRH 143 Business Y 5A HB-IYZ RJ100 after booking +EUR66 no extra cc fee Comfort Package upgrade to J both return flights.All on board advantages except checked luggage.AM counter checkin as OLCI failed no ticket# seg3.Salon until 14h incl 2nd x Jag/LR VIP suite,luggage and ticket exchange JLM,lounge lunch,J service slice of leek quiche and apple jelly topped with baverois,onboard bubbles choice of Duval Leroy champagne or a Swiss sect,took neither.Post J-only minibus to terminal,due to forced stop,same time arr.Escal not working
LX2808 01 Mar 2016 17:00 ZRH GVA 143 Economy 31D HB-IPV 319 auto checkin 31D kept as middle seat free.Private door to door transfer,last on board,no more room for carryons,but middle seat free,rollaboard 31E,laptop 31D.Water bottle&little Frey milkchocolate.On time arrival,pickup confusion,arrivals zone out within 10 free mins.Next day Fleet Conf. at GVA car show,CHF100 for VIP ticket 10 day early access incl press days.Excellent networking+F&B at conf,then 2nd press day visit of Salon.Contact at Jag,VIP lounge access,great F&B.Days end reconfig of salon
LX781 01 Mar 2016 15:05 BRU ZRH 300 Economy 12F>11A RJ100 auto checkin 12F kept it as middle seat free until ETD-2h.Incoming delayed 30 mins,connection 40mins,asked gate agent if I should fly:you will be taken care of in ZRH.Many assigned seats not taken,non-fliers?Had E-seater,suggested he move,did not want,so I did,so did others,pilot.Full nonalc? bar+heavy creme pat danish+OJ.CDC informed me I would be awaited,I asked if tarmac transfer,she thought so.Remote stand arrival,buses for everyone,private driver for me to stairs of next flight,great servs
BA396 28 Feb 2016 10:55 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 6A G-EUPH dove 321 row 6 no air vents. new seats with center seat table converted.
BA392 28 Feb 2016 08:55 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 9D G-EUUR 320 moved to later flight due to transatlantic flight delayed (late incoming, due to a 4 hour diversion TLV to LCA on previous rotation of G-ZBJB)
BA92 27 Feb 2016 18:00 YYZ LHR 3553 Club World 3J>3A G-ZBJB 788 Severe 4h delay of incoming flight,tried to reroute in DFW but AA would not accommodate:lounge did not want to do anything,gate willing to offload,but rebooking referred to BA,they created the problem,but as BA staff would only 4 hrs later,decided to fly to YYZ anyhow.Collect and recheck bags,only WS recheck counter,so upstairs to departure for recheck.good delay communication,no stress,preflt dining cooked to order thai chicken,PJs and teeth in lounge,2hrs sleep after takeoff, 3x1 hr after that
AA2267 27 Feb 2016 10:00 DFW YYZ 1198 Business 6E>5F N7547A MD80 F/J rows 3-6 recliners.Pref window due to storage between seat&wall+view,but bulkhead more egress 20160211 no window bulkhead free.Remembered that I like Md80/B717 quiet and comfortable ride,same here.Good service,nice cold fried chicken with lettuce,alt warm veg friendly neighbor business woman on common route,did not recommend going into city during delay.immigration & recheck required,only WS has recheck in Intl term C,upstairs for others.
AA751 22 Feb 2016 16:00 PHL DFW 1301 First 3F N509AY 321 v2 20160211 selected 3F, but thinking about bulkhead window to avoid recliners, only 1A available fitting requirement..., A side looks cramped, DF better?
AA751 22 Feb 2016 10:40 BRU PHL 3758 Business 1F N206UW 752 v5 20160211 looks like cradle seats, so bulkhead to avoid people reclining into me and easier egress
SN2714 04 Jan 2016 11:00 GVA BRU 330 Economy priv. return.
SN2721 18 Dec 2015 16:50 BRU GVA 330 Economy 18D OO-SNF 320 priv. Due to start of the School break, press warned for busy airport, but from bus through security less than 10 mins. One of few free middle seats.On board & doors closed on time,but departure delayed to to EU summit departures. Calm flight.
BA394 08 Jul 2015 12:20 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 2D G-EUOH 319 latish boarding A15.Excellent crew:while queuing in the galley at boarding,I asked if they had Earl Grey on board.It was served to me after the meal without asking again.Very nice cold platter of 3 flavors marinated chicken with bulgur,water & champagne (mini Monopole Blue), apple crumble parfait. I am often amazed at how gracefully the service is, considering they have 25 minutes to serve and clear, Swan Service frantic under surface,serene above. Taxi Julien pickup
BA114 07 Jul 2015 21:00 JFK LHR 3448 Club World 64K G-BNLP 744 ...2 nts @JBJK,independance day fireworks East Rock,CT,polo game,Home2Suite Rahway NJ (OK) + HWS Melville LI. pre-flight dining excellent braised salmon & 3 types of dumplings. on board PJ change, earl grey and sleep in sections, awake & changing back just before TOD (t-40min). Arrival to remote stand, bus to terminal, FT and North Galleries to immediately get onto shower list...shorter wait this time, got wheelchair accessible assigned, this time no question on whether I would mind...
BA3 30 Jun 2015 16:00 LCY JFK 3469 Club World 1K G-EUNB 318CJ all J CWLCY service has separate catering by banking approach to JFK,asked captain as we were waiting for door: Canarsie Approach due to runway works. Avis black Kia Forte,nice,HWS Melville,scenic drive via Nicola Teslas Wardenclyff lab and future museum, scenic Sound Avenue to Orient Point ferry to New London, Courtyard Boston Stoughton did not like, nothing included, poor ironing board. Funeral service Hingham,MA, internment Concord,Ma, HWS Billerica...
BA391 30 Jun 2015 09:00 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 3D G-EUOF 319 Priv. Avios 115,500 spent JJJJ,bought less than 24 hrs in advance to attend Aunt Marilyn s funeral. Met J&J Fleet Mgr after flight.Cross London trek on Tube & DLR, stopover at Tower. At LCY before checkin, but they checked me in anyhow. separate lounge at dedicated gate.
BA394 24 Jun 2015 12:20 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 3D G-EUPK 319 updat FT security and straight to North Galaries and onto waitlist for shower. At 11.30 still no gate showing and still no shower, went to shower reception to see if I could quickly jump in or get removed from queue...lady asked if I minded wheelchair accessible shower room, took it and glad I did. Got to gate A15 just as boarding started, 1st on board. bumpy flight, Taxi Julien airport pick-up to home.
BA114 23 Jun 2015 21:50 JFK LHR 3448 World Traveller Plus 21j G-BYGD 744 hi-J did pay the EUR66 surcharge for premium single seat in WT+ this time, and glad I did.Old WT+ with footrest +extra blanket and pillows propped up legs further,dinner on board (no pre-flight dining of course), 3/4 of a movie and fell asleep. Arrived T5B32
US1700 19 Jun 2015 16:29 CLT BDL 644 First 2F 319 same cabin crew as previous flight. 319F different seats again,main lounge, then smaller lounge, smaller had old US bag coffee system, back to big lounge for bean espresso machine, ended up leaving as lost track of time on phone. BDL Avis confusion took new Ford Focus instead of old Hyundai, glad could keep it.
US1842 19 Jun 2015 09:59 MIA CLT 649 First 2F 319 ?N927? after fleet conference rented onsite Hertz Mazda5 drove to Key West for drive itself and for sightseeing flight to Dry Tortugas,due to cc error did not get to go,but OK as I had foot injury so no sea water anyhow.1nt B&B / , free parking behind court yard,back to Mariott Biscayne,MIA-CLT checking at AA did not work(taxi wrong dropoff)walk to US,then walk to E gate security,back to D38 for AA lounge,2 vouchers,2 extra,breakfast,back to gate E2.F seats without movable headrests.
US1749 13 Jun 2015 13:20 CLT MIA 649 First 2F N128UW 320 large and very empty AA formerly US lounge at CLT,2 types heavy soup,vegy snacks,salsa dip. Took lounge coffee on board,f/a agreed that it was better.@13.20(ETD) gate attendant comes on boardwe have a spinner Apparently unticked person got on board,flight was full, and she was one of last to board,so clear who it was,ranting 30something businesscasual dress,seemed drunk,door was closed as soon as she was offloaded @13.22.Nice flight,snack only.Supershuttle to Biscayne Bay Marriott,driver lost...
US5129 13 Jun 2015 10:20 BDL CLT 644 First 1A CRJ9 due to late booking, flights BDL-MIA expensive,F less than double cost on preferred flights, BA points earning maximized by flying via at same cost,4x60pts ensuring silver requal.Avis BDL allowed me off lot again to top up fuel.BDL nice little airport,good small AA lounge,only occupant for long time.Single seat 1-2 in F,commuter CRJ900 operated by PSA.Gate checked rollaboard,valuables on board in takeout laptop bag.Snack only service.Some wait in jetty on arrival for rollaboard
SN2056 11 Jun 2015 10:45 BRS BRU 315 Economy trip cancelled bGift did not use. had planned to visit city, ss Great Britain & old harbor
SN2057 09 Jun 2015 16:30 BRU BRS 315 Economy trip cancelled bGift ticket, cancelled, to fly to USA and MIA Fleetconference
BA177 09 Jun 2015 13:00 LHR JFK 3448 World Traveller Plus 20G G-BNLK 744 pondered €66 extra to get solo seat 20J,by time I decided 20J&B no longer free.Mr20J op-uped from Y miles booking as gld, interesting person, spoke & exchanged details - left lounge late for T5B,2nd last to board. looked at The Immitation Game
BA397 09 Jun 2015 10:00 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 3C>3A G-EUOG 319 combo priv&business trip. Avios 67,500 spent JWWJ. 2 weeks USA east coast hinged around Global Fleet Conference MIA.discovered HWS Melville LI NY, lunch MaryAnn,Bob,Tom.PtJeff ferry to Bridgept CT,2nts JBJK,visit Marilyn in Hingham MA,1xHWS Windsor BDL. AvisBA beat up!VW Beetle,good ride,larger than expected trunk.excellen BA CE new seats fixed tray middle seat,bus to ac due work on old terminal building gates closures, sunny day.1st Taxi Julien to BRU very happy except Mrs Julien phone manners
SN2096 07 Jun 2015 17:50 LHR BRU 218 Economy trip cancelled had planned to visit Greenwich and Cutty Sark
SN2095 04 Jun 2015 16:50 BRU LHR 218 Economy trip cancelled bGift. cancelled, did not attend, restarted Galilei outplacement
SN3722 16 May 2015 12:30 MAD BRU 815 Economy trip cancelled did not attend on a hunch, KV passing away...
SN3727 13 May 2015 14:30 BRU MAD 815 Economy trip cancelled 3rd attempt to visit Alhambra in Granada, bGift, did not attend on weird feeling, KV passed away previous night
SN2722 04 May 2015 18:40 GVA BRU 330 Economy OO-SSU 319 Shared Tram, JLM on way to Hopital La Tour, Change to bus.. registry deduced from skystef acars, outbound sn2721=BEl1GV=OO-SSU, so return OO-SSU=BEL722=SN2722
SN2721 28 Apr 2015 15:40 BRU GVA 330 Economy 17C OO-SNB 320 b.Gift ticket to help JLM for shoulder operation. First time since long without lounge, but enjoyed BRU connector for first time. Registration to verify, deduced from skystef acars, assuming SN2721 = BEL1GV, but OO-SNB was revealed with Rackham on 16 March 2015, probably would have rememered if this flight was Rackham
SN2714 04 Jan 2015 11:20 GVA BRU 330 Economy 13D OO-SSE 319 priv.
SN2721 19 Dec 2014 16:00 BRU GVA 330 Economy 7D OO-SSU 319 Citibank/beobank points booking? registration deduced from skystef acars
CI65 08 Dec 2014 02:05 BKK AMS 5723 Business 2DG>J>K B-18807 343 Return from mall only overpriced fixed rate fares from so called official meter taxis.Our airBnB host suggested using Uber,which we did from then on: no haggling metered rates similar,much nicer cars.In this case Uber is the more regulated service,while so called meter taxis try to scam you and refuse to meter(though Uber stll being contested in courts there as well).Hosts were out for afternoon/evening,we left for airport early,there 1h before desks auth travel issue, nice small loun
CI66 05 Dec 2014 13:20 AMS BKK 5723 Business 3G>4A>5G B-18807 343 priv rescue EH after he broke his leg.DID drove me to AMS&pickup of wheelchair.Sinterklaas strooiselgoed from KLM lounge to Ed.Taxi to Bumrungrad hosp(negotiated),taxi meter to airBnB hosts,driver not sure where,dropped us at Conrad in same complex,noticed flat tire wheelchair,Conrad door staff very friendly,lent us their wheelchair+escorted us to the residence tower&apartment+tried to fix tire.Very nice hosts.Walk to bike repair shop, no avail,used flat rest of w/e, taxi to mall 1 metered, ...
LH2294 01 Nov 2014 21:40 MUC BRU 371 Economy 12F D-AEBS E195
LH689 01 Nov 2014 17:25 TLV MUC 1650 Economy 9E D-AIDF 321
SN3291 26 Oct 2014 18:45 BRU TLV 2020 Economy 26C ? OO-SNB 320 work. last business trip for MRK.
BA394 24 Aug 2014 12:35 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 2D G-EUOI 319 went landside after previous flight to pick up lost&found.Used electronic immigration selfservice for first time in LHR after discussing with UK girls in line for EU/UK agent check. Was the fastest row there (also had FT option for non-EU, but that looked slower). South Security back with FT ok,panel showed it was less busy than Nth. SFM cold grilled salmon on lettuce with mango chutney,cream&chives.Excellent f&b service,Earl Grey tea (still no Coke Zero available s/h)
BA214 23 Aug 2014 21:35 BOS LHR 3262 Club World 62K&A G-CIVM 744 62A&K free at OLCI and night time anyhow,moved there to sleep in privacy with each advantage of having side bins.At booking no 2 together on ud,took 14JK looking to move to 14EF OLCI(bassinet),but noticed on way in that (on that aircraft) a very noisy and drafty ac unit above those seats (also notivced same on this a/c, boarding via 1L) . Not enogh sleep for me,sleepy during take off,then not anymore.found excellent BBC docudrama 37 days about diplomacy runup to WW1. Breakast on board
BA203 09 Aug 2014 16:40 LHR BOS 3262 Club World 64JK G-BYGD 744 Delayed due to engineering maint runover.SFML starter on menu smoked salmon,main off-menu grilled haddock,quite nice.Landing 40 min after schedule,then no gate,then assigned gate occupied by Alitalia,deplaning more than hour after schedule.All US asked to use self service immigration,landing card questions again,printed off with pic taken at booth.Immigration faster,but long line for customs to hand over declaration.Hertz Focus as reserved,2nd driver added at garage level desk
BA395 09 Aug 2014 15:25 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 2C G-EUPO 319 priv. New England driving trip. Boston,Concord&Minute Man NP,Saugus ironworks NP ranger tour,Plymouth MA whale watching,New Bedford whaling district NP ranger tour,via Newport RI to Hamden CT,Sat fleemkt,shopping,picking up Jul,Sunday sailing,monday to Plymouth,NH,then on to Bar Harbor,ME 3 day visit Acadia NP, Saturday repack for flight home+visit Lowell NHP. - SFML lettuce with gambas&padano,STDM finger sandwiches.
BA400 21 Jun 2014 18:40 LHR BRU 218 Euro Traveller 6A G-EUOH 319B ...Emirates Air Line (++) to Emirates Experience (not worth it) and O2.Had planned visit to Greenwich Maritime but not enough time left.delay due to flight crew delay from previuos flights Diversion from StPetersburg to Helsinki due to Putin.Lounge dinner,onboard snack only (still no Coke Zero available s/h)
BA389 21 Jun 2014 06:45 BRU LHR 218 Euro Traveller 4A>5A G-EUPK 319B priv:day trip London+Slvr requal.Premium seats opened between t-67&t-64 for both flights.took 1st Y row A seat conv config on both segments.Between 46 and 41 hrs was moved to 5A,still 1st row Y convertible.Handluggage only fare,later flight EUR41 more,took first flt and parked for half the difference.Breakfast lounge & on board CroissantSausageTomatoMayo saved for later.Russel Howard in passport queue behind me with BA escort (no priority),tired but friendly.Tube to StPauls,then Victoria docks..
BA394 13 Jun 2014 12:35 LHR BRU 218 Euro Traveller 6C G-EUPG 319B PG=an Olympic dove livery.No airvents row 6.Limo 9.30 from Cheshunt Mar,very pleasant conv with driver Colin on cars and mfrs(also clean car and free water)J bag drop no wait,S security FT fast,walked past N sec,very busy again(check-in hall sign indicates busy with icons,N4 figurines,S2)In N lounge working expecting N gate,was A15,grabbed sandwiches on way out of lounge.FT boarding as I got there,glad early board,flight not full,but some ohc stuffing.Ms6A perm inhaler.Diagonal.Bus to Delh&home
BA398 12 Jun 2014 16:30 LHR BRU 218 Euro Traveller 7C changed return G-EUPN 319B - canceled and moved return to Fri, to attend Thu PM off-agenda meeting, well worth staying and connecting with FM suppliers regional management. - premium seat selection became available at t-72 hours, again got one of my 2 preferred 1st row BA convertible seats (A&C, with B collapsed same as in Business class and increased pitch until row 9 on 319, row 13 on 320).
BA391 10 Jun 2014 09:45 BRU LHR 218 Euro Traveller 7C G-EUUM 320D Work,annual FM team meeting.1st row premium seat selected at t-60h.Bus to BRU at 8,no wait at bag drop,4 min at border,3 mins security,lounge breakfast,bus gate,premium only on 1st bus.f&b drinks and snack only.did not use FT at UK border control,line was longer and slower than EU line this time.Shared limo with colleague Gabi,1hr to site,not impressed with cleanliness of this TriStar E-class.2>3nts Cheshunt Marriott,full agenda 8>22hrs
SN3738 26 May 2014 17:25 AGP BRU 1077 Economy trip cancelled trip cancelled
LH2294 24 May 2014 21:35 MUC BRU 371 Economy 19A>25A D-AEBH E195 OLCId 20C but noticed in TLV 20A was open,tried to trick system hold both seats but that failed.Resecurity in MUC,no lounge time,bus to ac,2 stairs took rear,ended up in 19A,as noticed by mrs19A who also was wrong in 18A,she took 20A.Couple with baby in18AC was moved to EF further back due to no 3rd o2,Pup in 18D moved over,many free rows in back,I moved there.Chicken sandwich.Too late for good bus,taxi home.
LH689 24 May 2014 17:20 TLV MUC 1650 Economy 20C D-AISR 321 couple who were looking for more room.Due to shuffling 16D&E free,I moved.4days meetings&office,Friday booked a minibus tour Bethlehem&Jerusalem with Rent-a-guide tours.Sat 1300 hotel shuttle to airport.Predicted long exit process turned out OK.Security questions before bag drop,then had to wait for flight to open,did get put in line with extra security check as most non-tourists.2hrs to kill airside,some shop perusing,walking,charging in main atrium with drink.Dinner chicken with beer.20B free
SN3735 23 May 2014 11:55 BRU AGP 1077 Economy trip cancelled bgift Christmas deal EUR80. Booked to go see Alhambra. Then I had to go to Israel for work... decided to stay extra day there to visit. Changing would have been much more than EUR80 so let is slide and did not reclaim from employer as it was my choice to stay in Israel until Saturday
SN3289 18 May 2014 09:20 BRU TLV 2020 Economy 16A>16D OO-SSK 319 work trip to Israel offices,booked rather last minute,TLV hotels very busy with many conferences and start of tourist season.3nts Hilton very nice on beach,all balcony,upgrade to jrSuite 2 balconies,lovely breaking waves sound.3 nts Crown Plaza not as nice,Spaceous room but stupid layout much lost space and noise of waiste water pipes everywhere on 13th floor,one of lowest hotel floors in this tower.On flight tried to have middle seat free,took 16A with B free C taken,somehow ended up next to...
BA394 15 May 2014 12:35 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 1A&C G-EUPL 319 vacation summary:8/5 Bos,9/5 outlet,pick up L at BDL(from visit BUF&Niagra),drive to Hamden,gather for ferry Bridgeport-Port Jeff,3 cars 1900 sailing,J&B on 2100 after concert.Loading of cars was quite a ballet.10/5 Breakfast with family David,Anna,Bob&MaryAnn,Jim&son Cole,Bamby,6x3bk,MJH+Bar in Hampton.Priv family mass,then public Brunch at Northport YC,PM goose chase JRD new boat,visit seminary,Pizza&beer dinner,Apples&Apples game.11/5 drive to DC,12/5 visit DC,13/5 visit Phl,14/5 flight back
BA202 14 May 2014 22:45 BOS LHR 3262 Club World 20E&F G-BNLG 774 I had preassigned 62K with slver status,PAM could only assign seats pay.OLCI I could select 10 UD seats,P only 64J with 64K taken.Moved down to last row middle seats as nt flt anyhow.Pre flt dinner,only breakfast on board.Arr T5B, assistance cart through tunnel to T5.P shower in lounge,next Gate A7 below Sth lounge so remained there.Luggage fast in BRU,I took bus to 1800,back by car to pick up PAM and all luggage.Next morning pickup D,D&L from UA flt from EWR
BA215 07 May 2014 18:00 LHR BOS 3262 Club World 64J&K G-CIVC 744 UD only 50% full 62JK remained free, but PAM could not select either. Kept 64JK as that way no leg jumping required. SFML starter most excellent marinated raw tuna. Main also off-menu Victoria Perch. Had booked assistance, would have saved time without FT but not with.wanted to watch Monuments Men, but not loaded, so looked at Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit, Jason Bourne like spy action movie, but better.
BA395 07 May 2014 15:25 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 4A&C G-EUOC 319 Avios 1x98k spent JJJJ,PAM on JLM AA 100k mls, Uncle Toms 90.5+vacation,flying with PAM,2 Nights HWS Arlington,MA,3nts Hampton,L.I.,NY,2nts airbnb Arlinton VA,1nt Clarion,CT.Avis via BA,free 2nd driver,res Focus,got brand new Charger,drove 20 miles,returned due to flat,Ford Escape 4x4.Visit BOS & Paul Revere House with PAM&M. for Toms party,Sunday drive to DC,visit Mall on city bike,National Mus. of Art,Dutch&Flemish masters+Andrew Wyeth,drive back via Phl Libery Bell,
LH1024 30 Jan 2014 20:40 FRA BRU 188 Economy 18C D-ABED 733 ..Milka nussili bar + White wine.On arrival 10 mins in lounge (A13) for quick food (did not do it on way out an regretted) and on to gate A17 Ended up with 3 seats so I asked one of the Opel guys sitting behind me with 2 stranges if he wanted to join,talked the whole way.Savory snack handed out at door on entry,white wine & water.OPC team had winter de-icing fluids as presents,not allowed in cary on,got 1 set from another who had no check-in,many other cought and thrown out at security in SZG.
LH1107 30 Jan 2014 18:35 SZG FRA 255 Economy 5C OE-VLJ F100 ...bus to get to know track,meet team and night time drive along rally style.Evening casual dinner at Hotel.Nice networking opportunity,but did not get to sit near some decisionmakers.Next day 3/4 at track,left for airport around 3,got there early,repacked and check-in and whole group in only airside bar,drinks and food courtesy of Opel.Specifically changed seats to further forward,comfort of no neighbor in back deminished by noisy rear mounted engines on F100.Snack choice of same savory or ...
LH1104 29 Jan 2014 12:45 FRA SZG 255 Economy 21D OE-VLJ F100 ..changed seats 18F>24D from BRU,good move,24E remained empty.Snack on BRU-FRA musli milk bar,saved. Short stop in FRA,decided to be social and not go to lounge,but found most at basement bus gate,drilling in wall,left that area,wondered terminal till boarding there on minute,1st bus drove off,2nd bus 15 mins later.Snack savory cloud huggers mini pretzels and saltines+ can of Coke Zero (normally 2 cups from can, but last to order so got full can) Bus to St.Michael, hotel Eggerwirt,..
LH1007 29 Jan 2014 10:10 BRU FRA 188 Economy 24D D-AIRL 319 OPC winterdriving event:group of 28 from opel,fleet customers & leasecos invited to snowdriving experience and product testing.Car to airport,meeting at Starbucks at 8.10: see you at gate.Went through and up to lounge for breakfast.Danish just out,asked for new and got first choice.Some confusion at gate due to changes(received SMS from LH of change from A43 to A49,but saw from lounge that it was A43 in the end,no new SMS)Whole party informed by hosts.received booking details evening before,..
SN2716 06 Jan 2014 12:45 GVA BRU 330 Premium Economy 5DEF OO-DWL RJ100 Some traffic,so dropped off at pedestrian bridge over highway due to meeting.Won 46Eur Plusgrade upgrade auction(just below halfway suggested range).Well worth to avoid the unusually long ques at security check (M&M silver already gives use of J class checkin/bagdrop and lounge access).On board sandwich&white wine as extras & 3 seats.
SN2715 19 Dec 2013 10:45 BRU GVA 330 Economy 15D OO-DWA RJ100 priv.Bus to airport.Due to EU top,Ringlaan at GA closed for traffic except busses.Very busy in teminal(day before Xmas break)lines at Y,Y+,C checkin so used barely used automated bagdrop.long queues for schengen pasport control,acess to non-shengen moved(due to new connector works).Call re job ap from lounge.3 rows C4,7 rows Y+ 32 ,9rows Y- 36. several middle seats free,but 15EF were filled anyhow (last checked 7.00 still free). JLM picked me up.
BA394 04 Aug 2013 11:05 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 3C>3A G-EUPK 319 6 rows J,20pax,seat free next to me so moved to window.Uneventful flight,excellent service,earl grey tea.Interesting corkscrew appraoch to BRU to line up to diagonal rwy 20 (soon to be renamed to 19). Bus home
BA172 03 Aug 2013 21:30 JFK LHR 3448 Club World 64J+K B-BNLK 744 replacement Ford Fiesta Sedan Titanium full option seemed a bit small for CCAR(example is Focus)but seemed correct anyhow.Brand new 7miles on clock,nice to drive.To CT to build boatshed, nice switch-off-from-work vacation activity.Finished work on shed Sat AM,packed up and back to JFK.Pre-flt dining and to sleep asap after t/o.LHR connections not as busy as expected.F-Lounge for breakfast,nap,farewell,lunch and down to T5G23 right under lounge
BA115 27 Jul 2013 14:40 LHR JFK 3448 Club World 62J+K G-BYGF 744 T5 North lounge,some work while waiting for Jlm to arrive from GVA.Moved to South Flounge,ordered salmon & Burger.gate in T5C left lounge ontime,while in transit flight changed from Gate open to Last call.Last to board, but well on time.Family with 2 pre-teen girls in row 61 and part 60,girls were not being kept under control,BA had fun cleaning up the chocolate stains they left everywhere(somehow also on my trousers!)Hertz CCAR Kia Soul,returned immediately,steering system wrong(signs on wheel)
BA391 27 Jul 2013 09:45 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 2DEF G-EUPJ 319 Dropped luggage by car,back home for bus,but due to missing one bus(ran early)&delayed last bus,no margin left.Very busy at passportcontrol,policewoman argued that I should not ask to cut in,processed me anyhow.FT Security,gate@scheduled closing,but they had not started yet,quickly to lounge for some splash&dash(boarding had started when I checked into lounge,he gave me a final call 3 mins later)delay due to thunderstorm,taxi hold.Smoked Salmon very good.bumpy ride seatbelt stayed on,arr T5G23
SN2722 23 Jun 2013 18:50 GVA BRU 330 Business 3DEF OO-SSQ A319 used upgrade voucher expiring 1Jul,upgraded in right direction for security line and Y- packed.4RowsJ 10,7 same family;1 row Y+ 1;Y- full.delay due to incoming delayed due to incoming to BRU.LX J lounge,some hot food,gummies,Movenpick smaller (100ml),quick turnaround. On board Champ Duval Leroy OK,nice snack not full meal.same crew as outbound(cabin&flight). Asside from paying parking EUR56 a very nice weekend anyhow
SN2725 21 Jun 2013 20:50 BRU GVA 330 Economy 8D+1/2E OO-SNC 320 priv vist to GVA and Annecy.1 row Y- 8D preassigned with 8E free at 18.00,@bagdrop asked and told filled.Mr8F 2x as wide as me,was ready to suggest to move to avoid squeezing someone...8E remained free!Y- 60%,J0,Y+4,stressed&delayed drive home from work,decided against bus,destress,but then stressed again P1vsP3.took laundry so check-in both ways.Check-in staff shortage,little wait,Security no wait,shoes,pat.sandwiches&water running out in lounge,slight delay,remote stand in GVA,luggage slower.
SN3184 04 Jun 2013 20:55 FCO BRU 727 Economy 12DEF OO-SSW 319 same tour group as out(turns out some from KBGN)2 check-in desk,1 large Y queue,no one at Y+/J/online>some confusion on priority.Asked and received FT security pass,should have saved for next time,this time slower(and moved to right now in T2)No more lounge access,sat on lounge level(quieter)went down just in time for(priority)boarding.Y+ more packed than Y-40%,3 seats to self,exit R empty,several empty rows around me,tour group bunched together further back.Bag 1st&fast,but not for earlier bus
SN3175 31 May 2013 07:40 BRU FCO 727 Economy 17D>10D 320>319 OO-SSQ Priv/work extended w/e +LQBR.2hrs delay aircraft gone tech,changed a/c,comm could have been better,went down once too early,back up to lounge,1 other there,called to gate for bus.Driving Lazio country with co car,1st nt Courtyard Mariott Rome Central Park very enjoyable,+1nt with city view,+2 more nts:large rooms,full service,convenient with car EUR 10 for whole day parking unlimited in-out.Breakfast good,bistro good food reasonable prices,reasonably quiet area(except hospital traffic).Recommend
BA392 01 Apr 2013 08:50 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 4D&F G-EUYK 320 previous flight remote stand, 1st bus to terminal, not to closest dropoff point.North Lounge,JLM shower,I did not feel like it.bacon butty for breakfast + full English on board.Noticed lights dimmed before safety video,turned up and down again for the door pointing.J 6 rows 9 pax (38%), Y approx 75%.luggage slow,missed 1st possible bus,but departures not quite matching apt,pick up car,drive to KBGN for lunch with D,J,E,D&W.
BA66 31 Mar 2013 18:10 PHL LHR 3541 Club World 10J&K G-YMMK 772 started raining as approaching PHL,no canopy at Hertz dropoff,were offered courtesy ride in rental to terminal, wait at J/F dropoff,no security FT,small queue,2 machines,1 scatterscanner(&short use of metaldetector gate to clear backlog).found reason 15EF not available in F lounge:young couple with monthold.Preflight dining.boarding call after general boarding.F 0,J 50%,also toddler in 12ABC.contemplating shifting seats,but stayed.only hot choco and cookies,finished Skyfall and slept.
BA67 27 Mar 2013 12:35 LHR PHL 3541 FIRST Y 10>1/2K G-ZZZB 772 Advised to leave lounge at 10.30 due to bus gate 10:1st bus FT only.old F,small screens but received iPad for AVOD:Argo(+++)&50% Skyfall(ok).Only 1 swap possible 3AE>3EF,figure 4/17 orig F pax 1&4 EF.last for dinner choice,main cod still available,then not,then found another.delayed departure due to 1)offloading 2)luggage cart parked behind.oldest BA 777 to be replaced by 787,no F?Hertz gld I Chevy Cruze,ok but plasticky.2nt Hampton Ephrata good,bf,room,but loud fridge in room.2nt HWS RockRun,DE
BA391 27 Mar 2013 10:00 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 4D&F G-EUPL 319 short Easter Break with all,Jan fare sale.Passport expired arrived 2 days prior,own fault,express via consulate.Bus to BRU not as busy as expected.V.Kompany behind me at FT security on way to MAN after BEL-MKD day before.Uneventful flight,no SFML ordered.J 5 rows 14p 70%,Y approx 75%.old conv seats.Upgraded to F at bp check.LHR FT security 3 machines 2 lines,our machine #3 failed while queing creating extra wait,moved to 2.WHS and straight to Concorde room,too busy & no self-service>F-lounge
BA400 21 Feb 2013 19:50 LHR BRU 218 Euro Traveller 4A G-EUOA 319 tube to LHR,20 mins to spare before comp check,but lost that time at security(South & FT)due to impropper handhover:bag was sidelined,waited for someone to check it,then that station was closed and I was handed over to other line,but no info was passed why my bag was sidelined so full search.T5B gate,so no time left to scrounge dinner in lounge and onboard only snack and drinks.1st Y again(t-36),but due to late boarding no more OHC above,asked and OKed to put in J(handlug rollaboard only)
BA389 20 Feb 2013 06:45 BRU LHR 218 Euro Traveller 6A G-EUUW 320 work reduced travel this year,so this meeting was VideoConf,but no VC room available,so had to travel.Flying cheaper than (1st class) train and for tier points was hoping for EUR69 upgrade at OLCI,which I did receive,but could not apply due to corp travelagent booking :-(. Breakfast with espresso in lounge and sandwich&tea on board.Got 1st row Y t-72.Long wait at passport control,tube to city.1nt Melia WH
SN2712 05 Jan 2013 08:30 GVA BRU 330 Economy 14C>ABC OO-SNC 320 priv.return flight after driving JLM back via Hennezel again but only to drop off stuff.Lost an hour near Arlon,short shopping stop Leclerc.Dinner@Buffalo Grill Besançon.Foggy through French side of Jura,clear over border.Boarding by row announced as approached gate,first on SN for me,but no-one seemed to care.Flight relatively empty,Y- free seats every row except exit rows,Flex more cramped,t/o over lake first for me,low cloud deck all the way so sunny up there.connections announced.
SN2713 15 Dec 2012 09:35 BRU GVA 330 Economy 8C>12C OO-SSU 319 OLCI kept pre-assigned 8C,Y- 2nd row,with middle seat free,but at gate was moved to 12C as Flex expanded to row 8.Middle sat still free,Y- approx 65-70%.MR 9F(exit row)had to be convinced to accept on-board u/g to Flex 4F.Turbulence&lightening strike on approach.Both airpts quite busy,lounge BRU as well.25min depart delay,10 min arr delay.Cath flew in earlier with EZ exAMS,both waiting with car,scenic route Michael, Mike
SN2714 09 Dec 2012 10:35 GVA BRU 330 Economy 15D OO-SSQ 319 priv.bus,tram&train to GVA.taking 2 bags back, J bag drop OK(FTL benefit)OLCI bp scanned fine at desk,not security nor lounge.pre-assigned 8F,8E free but at OLCI decided to move to avoid middle seats fillin.Once on board noticed 8DEF still one pax.J 1-3 2p,Y+ 4-8 10p,Y- 9-24 50%.some work catch up on board.
SN2725 07 Dec 2012 00:00 BRU GVA 330 Economy 21C OO-SSG 319 priv.prep JLM assist+FTL to BRU due to weather and expected extra luggage on way back.Previous SN flight to GVA cancelled, so all loaded onto this flight(EZ also cancelled) J rows 1&2 empty,Y+ row3-7 50%,Y- 95% full, Purser suggested some seat changes including op-ups but not for me... t/o 20 mins late, on time arrival,JLM picking up but due to wrist public transport to office to pick up car and have me drive it home in prep for Xmas trip
LX770 06 Dec 2012 20:25 ZRH BRU 300 Economy 16D+E HB-IPY 319 half hour in ZRH lounge:Cheese dumplings,cream cheese sandwich,Rivella.To gate,one of last again,colleagues Alex B in 8B,Nicole M in 18D.Y 83% with free seat next to me.Swiss ciabata with pork sausage,water&white wine,no 2nd drinks but did hand out left over sandwiches.Hasidic Mrs16C feeling ill&barfing,Young husband Mr16B did little to console her.
LX1623 06 Dec 2012 18:25 MXP ZRH 126 Economy 16D HB-IXO RJ100 Did not check bag.Stange situation at security: long line on left, short line in middle (FT on right), did not even try FT,might have worked with LH FTL, but middle line short enouth.To LH lounge,then downt to bus gate,1st bus just left,waited 5mins,when arrived 1st bus not fully seated yet,had to push&shove to get my fullsize rollaboard stowed.J 1 row 4 pax,Y 100% full.Lots of chinese youth traveling in group loud on bus,but quiet on board,Mr16E & 2 dutch 19AB loud.efficient drinks only service
LX1616 05 Dec 2012 09:40 ZRH MXP 126 Economy 16S HB-IYS RJ100 self boarding check, 2nd last to board, very empty flight: J rows 1-8 4p, Y row 9-20 18p. only drinks on short flight, small water bottle, tea with lemon, chocolate. car service pickup to offices in Segrate, informal meetings,walk to NH Segrate,dinner in hotel restaurant,next day local FM guy drove us to FL offices (formerly SP building!),back to Segrate after & limo service to MXP,very busy traffic due to patron saint next day off...only lost 20 minutes,well in time.
LX771 05 Dec 2012 07:05 BRU ZRH 300 Economy 35D>DEF HB-IPS 319 work.local QBR last minute meeting in Milan,travel via ZRH less than .5 cost+helps FTL requal which I had given up on.Car to apt.Did not check bag due to indirect flights.Raided lounge,saw colleague Alex B going down jetty as I approached gate,but did not see him onboard,e-mailed later,he had training in Luzern.Nice carrot muffin on board+water&coke.load 60% many seats free,3 for me.lounge in ZRH not busy.asked for ATM,was told on way to gate for next flt but never found it.
SN3722 30 Nov 2012 12:10 MAD BRU 815 Economy 5D OO-SSU 319 pre-assigned 5D 1st row Y-,5E remained free.Silken Puerta Madrid hotel shuttle to airport.Bagdrop at J desk, short queue for rest. down to security split into 2 and directed, not clear but looks like right side was extra check lane (larger bags, more shoes off...) some shop browsing, first on board(J & pre-boaring did not have bp or ID ready)5E ended filled,Y-90% so no shifting usefull.BOB lunch on expense quite nice grilled chease sandwich.Connecting flights read out by purser.own car to home
SN3727 26 Nov 2012 14:25 BRU MAD 815 Economy 17C>18C OO-SSU 319 work. Reg QBR.via Skyscanner and confirmed on LX&LH sites had found tickets with LX via ZRH or GVA for less than half the price, but corporate booking tool nor agent could get that pricing... decided to go direct anyhow.SN lounge in A terminal finally barstools replaced.had re-OLCId from 16D to 17C that morning to try to have free seat,at gate confirmed by cash ticket.Unfornately 17A&B also turned up with new seating ticket, moved to 18C with B free.J r1 1 pax,Y+2-7 50%,Y- 70%.worked mostly
SN3246 10 Oct 2012 14:25 ATH BRU 1306 Economy 9D OO-SSW 319 SSW is aparently ex-IB spanish,has kind of a hybrid NEK seats:slim back,but not netsprung seatcushion,no nets at knee level and pitch quite bad from row 7 back (except exit row 10, also strange:fixed armrests but fold down tables), also unusual for SN 319 2 lavs in back and half row 1 with wall no cupboard at 1L.advised Mr 9E to take row 7,he finally got upgraded due to a colleague from 11E.I was happy with extra width,reduced pitch OK for me,but not for most.also no screens
SN3245 08 Oct 2012 09:30 BRU ATH 1306 Economy 20D OO-SSC 319 work:local QBR.FT88,no sandwiches or danish in lounge,promised 15 mins but did not arrive before I left.Paged as approaching gate(+1 other)Y-90% and too late to shift.Complementary wrap & 2 drinks runs(due to codeshare?).work on board,Car service to IC,PM work in hotel,OK dinner with PR in Microlinea,packed day meetings,drinks in rooftop bar,dinner lobby restaurant,next AM teleconf,no time for sightseeing again
LH2296 17 Sep 2012 21:25 MUC BRU 371 Economy 15F? D-AEBA E195 short connection in MUC, late arrival and remote stand for both flights.By time back in terminal boarding started @ Gate B48,one of the farthest,but then waited for another 5 minuites on slightly packed bus.1L and 2L both used for boarding,but no indications,so crossing traffic at middle of a/c.Cold potato salad with mini frank and gurkin,took a beer to wash it down.Luggage slow,so afraid missed bus and wait 30 mins,but bus late and then drove like mad to catch up,home before scheduled
LH1849 17 Sep 2012 18:55 FCO MUC 451 Economy 10A? I-ADJK E195 Op. Air Dolomiti.No more FTL lounge access in FCO,so sat in caf on lounge level(calmer)and did some work.Newspapers offered to all inside door,wet towel packs with real woven cloth handed out(but stopped and did not restart due to turbulence)>food was a box of mini salamis and sesame breadsticks.overall quite impressed.Flight quite full,several bags to be sent down,lead to delayed departure&arrival.
LX1734 16 Sep 2012 20:40 ZRH FCO 431 Economy 12D 320 to main lounge(asked if there was one closer to D gates,but only non-Schengen).Pasta with potato(strange Swiss!),sandwich&Movenpick icecream.One of last to board,auto gates.Exit row with free middle seat,quite roomy pitch but not really necessary for me,but nice that NEK has movable armrests in exit row.narrow ciabata with ham&cheese,white CoOp wine,Limo to Duke hotel.
LX783 16 Sep 2012 18:40 BRU ZRH 300 Economy 18D>8DEF HB-IXV RJ100 work. Italy QBR. ticket price via ZRH and MUC cheaper than direct and direct day return.Even with hotel cost still saving 50% (and good for my FTL requal).lounge visit and handy so see my aircraft arrive and pull up to gate (18:00). One of last to board.Had OLCId into row 18 for more chance of free seat,but was quite full back there,while underwing rows virtually empty.Asked and OK to move.3 seater to myself.Food Swiss bagette with bologna saussage.Remote stand on arrival,bus to terminal and up
9F99152 13 Sep 2012 18:04 QQS ZYR 234 Premium Economy 8-41 TGV return. possibly got pickpocketed on route. Noticed in St.Pancras that side pocket of backpack laptop bag was open,(rest of all secured with locks): lost work access badge with office desk keys and phone charger .
9F99117 11 Sep 2012 08:52 ZYR QQS 234 Premium Economy 12-41 TGV work. Regional extended team meeting with global representation. Hotel Melia White House,quite full,got disabled room,but access to executive privileges The Level but did not get around to use them(separate breakfast,free drinks all day,evening drinks & snacks....). Standard Premier class in a solo seat.Breakfast in the station and on board, all good except onboard instant coffee.
SN2714 06 Aug 2012 10:35 GVA BRU 330 Economy 22D OO-SSR 319 preassigned 17A,moved further back for free seat.load 46% so many free seats and spreading out.Since 1Aug SN switched handler from Dnata to Swiss,so no more dedicated checkin,all the more reason to keep status.Agent unsure of SN FTL extra luggage allowance,told her same as LX or LH.Sec ok except previous pax hogging all runout area.Up to LX J Lounge,very quiet but moved to far side(next toAF).Late push due to missing pax+ 2UMs(free drink+2E)kept off untill last pax.landing 020 unusual rw works
BA726 05 Aug 2012 08:20 LHR GVA 469 Club Europe 4DF G-EUOE 319 MMBd into5DF when row5 was added,at OLCI we had been moved to 5A and 1C(Gold)and no more twins avail.OLCI 5A+D hoping to swap.At EWR checkin asked to see if we could be reseated together:4DF!J 4 seats free,1pax row 5.SFML curried rice with cod,nicer than full English.Approach passed Aubon Ikea and over lake.
BA184 04 Aug 2012 18:25 EWR LHR 3462 Club World 15EF G-ZZZA 772 left CT early for NYC traffic.Took GWB on Monday 1hr extra,TZB approx 50min today.EWR new Galeries lounge nice,apron views,J pre-flight buffet+cooked to order dumplings(excellent!)and F waited FT boarding,J 70% full, Y+all but 1 seat,2u/g Y>J!Slept most,arrival T5C,fcc OK,FT better,Security slow due to many manual checks(Liquids,people!)to F lounge,bacon butty&Luikse wafel,JLM full english.
UA4596 01 Aug 2012 16:51 STL EWR 871 Economy 5BC N13955 E145 indeed same flt# as out,is turnaround return flight.bag 18hrs delayed on previous flight,very poorly handled and communcated.In hindsight could have picked it up 2hrs later,but this also gave more time with family.Security Premier access due to *Silver,but left std line faster:our bp check agent operated std and FT alt.Last rental for this vacation:Natl VW Passat 2.5 S:OK car but quite harsh after the 2 Fords,both mechanically as interior.HGI Staten isl(OKish)+visit to Tom LI,PtJeff ferry to CT
UA4596 30 Jul 2012 14:51 EWR STL 871 Economy 4BC E145 Operated ExpressJet Airlines for UnitedExpress.visit to B&F+J&J.Took GWB as TomTom traffic looked ok, lost 1hr.FT security confusion,but still faster.No more free seats available at booking,but they did open up at OLCI,1 class flight,non-alco included.No lounge access,lunch from airport concession very nice.Like Emb for large windows,but E145 small ohc only above BC side.WC very roomy accross whole width in rear.Natl Ford new Escape(3rd gen)2.0 Ecoboost:very visit:arch,cathedral
BA189 26 Jul 2012 16:10 LHR EWR 3462 Club World 15EF G-YMMP 772 t/o 09R.SFML same as on menu,except for different afternoon tea sandwiches.After dinner and snooze noticed that other seats had AVOD,asked:our systems were reset and now AVOD too.Thunderstorm after landing,airports closed,roads flooded,1 casualty.Natl 2nd driver,agent tried to sell u/g claiming SUVs in Emerald aisle not eligible...took Ford Fusion V6 3.0 SEL very nicely equiped and very smooth to drive and ride. HGI Brgwtr +visit to MA&B+drive up to CT,TZ FriEve heavier traffic but there in 3hrs
BA729 26 Jul 2012 13:50 GVA LHR 469 Club Europe 2DF G-EUUV 320 ...fancier restaurant/bistro Altitude,did not visit.through FT security(automatic gate),up to BA loung:lovely salmon and fresh rosemary sandwiches!.On board SFML swapped:3 large gambas with grilled zuchini and such,std 3 types salmon:smoked,poached&tartar.Landing 09L.FCC quite bussy but seen worse,FT not bussy.F lounge(french macaroons&fruit salad) then T5B lounge for short while,slight delay boarding next flt
SN2713 26 Jul 2012 08:45 BRU GVA 330 Economy 21D OO-SSC 319 positioning flight to join JLM on family visit trip to USA. Again saw that pax from longhaul SN flights are booked into Y+ b.Flex but now also noticed those coming from 9W codeshares end up in Y- b.Light.5 pax missing,luggage removed,delay. approach to GVA from over Rhone, city ahead and then to right of aircraft,nice view of fountain on approach.on arrival to BA area waiting,asked and OK to bagdrop any time,desk manned between the flights.after that checked out rooftop caf,now a
AT832 26 Jun 2012 12:45 CMN BRU 1354 Economy >25ABC CN-RGE 738 Ricks Cafe on way back from dinner @ Le Cabestan****(WC*****tried&failed to extend stay for more work on local items.Newer Passat to airport,sob story for toll&me.Access AT lounge(they were not sure but let me in anyhow):quite nice but no airside views:baked goods,hot and cold drinks.Calm flight,celebs Louis Michel 3D,JM Saive a couple of rows ahead of me.AT has real 2-2 J 3 rows pitch 40-45.warm lunch chicken,green beans,pasta,nice smoked Atlas trout,spongecake.nice view of Mechelen on apprach.
AT839 24 Jun 2012 13:45 BRU CMN 1354 Economy 17D CN-RGK 738 work.booked as SN,op AT.This gave access to SN lounge.Lucked with free seat, old style overstuffed.Quite nice on board service,full meal & drinks.chicken or beef,dropped my first tray,received one of each after all served.also spilled Coke Zero over work laptop.flightshow wrong timezone.20mins immigration.VW Passat with agressive older driver to Kenzi hotel(walking distance from office),changed room 2 times(smoke ns 1810,traffic noise all nt in 308 )to 605.Penthouse bar with 360 views over city
LX770 15 Jun 2012 20:25 ZRH BRU 300 Economy 7A HB-IPY 319 lighter load,many middle seats free,chose to stay in pre-assigned 7A,1st row of Y,due to increased pitch.ZRH lounge Movenpick icecream on Marble cake.(veggy paella or so not very good).5min boarding delay,2 autogates,1 elete agent,autogate did not like my bp,to agent,fine there.7B free,as most middle 66%Y.Swiss baguette ham or cheese,ham turned out to be Swiss bologna,OK.Wine,Water,Tea w lemon,chocolate.25L,bus home.
LX1109 15 Jun 2012 17:05 MUC ZRH 162 Economy 7D>14D HB-IYR RJ100 work.min 120EUR cheaper return via ZRH.Pre-assigned 7D, but on Avro this is underwing+middle seats being filled from front:Moved back at OLCI hopin for better chance E free.JCs old lady driver to MUC,SSCI not working for bag drop,to manual bagdropline(no priority?!)security OK,autogatecheck closed,one agent,longish line,bus to ac,L1 only,HON in Cayenne first.Seatmove worked,free E.Y90%,short so drinks only+chocolate on arrival.bumpy landing,almost asif tyre blowout.
LH2283 11 Jun 2012 08:45 BRU MUC 371 Economy 25D D-AEBH E195 work.7.19 bus packed,security OK,lounge level WC closed,lounge ran out small still water.Flight hardly a seat free also not next to me,but seating on these LH Embraers quite roomy.Shared taxi with A&G who landed shortly before:nice full option S-class.Audi provided a very nice A6 3.0TDIq for the week,A&R in BMW provided 335i,mgt in 520d pool car.Spread out in different hotels due to 2 fairs going on,so loaner cars very handy indeed(our team in Aigner in Ottobrun,acceptable alternative to Bauer)
SN3184 04 Jun 2012 20:55 FCO BRU 727 Premium Economy 5ABC OO-VEN 733 work. no more access to I Mosaici Flightcare lounge on FTL. Also SN/LH/LX moving to new AviaPartner lounge. SFML was a Montys Tanguy Tomato and Chickpea wrap(not very seafood),StDM Mushroom and cheese Pizza. Only 1 drinks service this time(with meal) but coffee&tea served 1D Ajit Shetty (one of 2 C pax). Y+ 50%,rows 2-6,had3 seats alone,Y- 50% with exit rows empty
SN3175 04 Jun 2012 07:30 BRU FCO 727 Premium Economy 7C OO-VES 734 work.Feeling poor since evening before,but decided to go anyhow for day meeting.Car to BRU as too late for bus on way back.Quick SN lounge visit for breakfast,then to A59 boarding started.Several l/h pax in Flex.CDC advised several to spread out in Flex.Capt announced delay due to f/a missing.Row 1 J empty,Y+ 2-13 60%,Y- 100%.SFML(and Halal) a Montys Tomato,Onion&Olive Wrap,not very seafood.2 drinks runs and 2 coffee and tea runs but no more chocolate? approach Sth.Limo to office
KM420 02 Jun 2012 16:05 MLA BRU 1151 Economy 21 A + C 9H-AEP 320 Car dropoff same zone as pick-up:just leave the car with the windows open. Was glad Chiarra suggested we OLCI.airport check-in by destination,long row for BRU,bag drop 1 person ahead.after some shop browsing (HRC airside!) found quiet caf at gate 1.late boarding,2 stairs.75% full,21B remained empty.tasty&meaty lasagna not the most obvious airline food.All trays cleared except all 4 from row 21.landed 02.
KM421 26 May 2012 19:50 BRU MLA 1151 Economy 21 C + D 9H-AEO 320 vacation with L.bus to BRU,one of last to check-in@18.31,choice between 2 seats together last row or 2 aisle seats together,flt100% full.Security calm,quick DutyFree,boarding by row not being followed.T/o 07R.Lovely pene with tomato sauce chicken&zuccini,free softdrinks,beer or wine 3EUR.stayed at very nice guesthouse The Burrow in Tarxien.Toyota Aygo from Budget/Avis quite zippy and perfect for Malta&Gozo driving.history&culture AM,different beach each day late afternoon.Thu Gozo by ferry.
SN3728 24 May 2012 17:30 MAD BRU 815 Economy trip cancelled work, cancelled, moved to NL
SN3721 22 May 2012 08:50 BRU MAD 815 Economy trip cancelled work. flights cancelled due to IB strike announcement affecting other attendees to QRB, moved meeting to NL.
LX766 20 Apr 2012 19:55 BSL BRU 266 Economy 15D HB-IYW RJ100 No one else around anymore so went to arrivals.Luckily I did: luggage belt was the first and I saw my checked through luggage on the belt!Took elevator up to transfer area there,had to repass security,told guys there that my checked through luggage came out not being sure what to do.They advised to continue to gate or lounge.Lounge agent said gate would decide to accept or gate-check.They let me pass(BSL LX lounge very nice btw).Butterbretzel and white wine on board,15E one of few free seats
LX1715 20 Apr 2012 16:45 FCO BSL 461 Business Y 4B>1F HB-IXN RJ100 3 seats free at OLCI,kept pre assigned 4B.In lounge checked only if still free seat next to me on subsequent flight:noticed I was moved to 1F on this flight.At scheduled boarding time was called to lounge desk:new bp at gate but could wait until boarding.phonecall from gate at end boarding,upgrade to J as FTL,4Jpax at least 1 more u/g.nice cold platter and champagne.First visit to BSL and first time using it as transit airport.Not sure it went as should:access to gate area from transit closed...
LX1732 17 Apr 2012 17:35 ZRH FCO 431 Economy 12D HB-JLQ 320 NEK seats,ended up in exit row without knowing,slightly increased pitch and movable armrests.Flight quite full,empty seat next to me(lady in 12F also FTL)narrow ciabatta with bologna and pickles,COOP wine beter this time.Many older US travelers to Rome on board,but not too loud.excellent crew as always with Swiss.NCC pickup at T3,over to T1 for TK waited 30 mins and then shared ride to Duke Hotel.excellent meetings.Dinner&soccer Chez Coco,next evening into Rome,lucked onto NINO,excellent food.
LX781 17 Apr 2012 15:00 BRU ZRH 300 Economy 15D HB-JVG F100 work.operated Helvetic.FT87 OK.cheaper than direct again (and good for my * silver requal with M&M). First time using ZRH as transit airport:10 minutes from aircraft to lounge:remote stand with bus arrives close to B lounge.Fokker 100,seats arranged 2-3,older interior but excellent pitch.exit rows 12&13 but with fixed arm rest.Smallish OHC on both sides equally narrow.Snack a tasty carrot muffin and full bar,took white LX/CoOp wine,not as good as previous time.flight 80% full,most E seats free.
BA404 07 Mar 2012 17:40 LHR BRU 218 Euro Traveller 6C G-EUPZ 319 my first time departing from T5.been in transit there many times and once on an mr/visit to T5 just after it opened, but never been landside OLCI offered EUR69 upgrade again(was 329 at outbound OLCI for this segment),but declined,no need for points to gold and due to silver already in the best seats in Y,first row behind J A/C still collapsed,so only 2 people in 2.5 seats.Shared minicab with AL from site to LHR. peruse airside, F&B only drink choice (white wine & water)and indian crisps.
BA391 05 Mar 2012 10:00 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 5D+E+F G-TTOB 319 work.Took paid upgrade at OLCI for EUR69, to guarantee my BAEC silver requal.departure delayed due to sudden sleet and snow requiring de-icing,so waiting.called limo service who informed me the pickup driver had already left... and they charged me afterwards for the waiting...not too happy with their service.2 nts Marriot Cheshunt,did not seem to change since last stay,acceptable but nothing more
SN3160 01 Mar 2012 19:00 MXP BRU 412 Economy 13DEF OO-DWH RJ100 booked as LH5699,operated SN3160?.First time using MXP as transit airport.Thanks to schengen,*Alliance and bus gates,very easy transit at MXP.In lounge 10 mins after landing:on to bus,up escallator at bus arrivals to dep level,to LH lounge and onto next bus to aircraft.3 seater for me alone.Y- so no F&B(but took care of that in lounge)
LX1622 01 Mar 2012 17:00 ZRH MXP 126 Economy 6B HB-IYV RJ100 booked as LH5907,operated LX1622 but had to OLCI on SN again.Lunch at Chacha Luzern,kind of a Swiss Wagamama,quite good,train back to ZRH,lost team in airport mele,so alone to lounge(normally would not be allowed to guest even SAS silver member).F&B only drink & chocolate,fast service for short flight.C 6 pax 2 rows,Y quite full but not as full as on OLCI,approx 95%
LX1623 27 Feb 2012 18:20 MXP ZRH 126 Economy 15D HB-IYT RJ100 booked as LH5908,operated LX1623.after visit to FL in Milan,taxi to airport (fixed rate EUR90).MXP roomy departure hall,with cramped security level below luckily not too busy.LH own lounge in MXP ok,close to bus gates.LX Avro with new Recaro seats (NEK) smaller footprint than old seats but more comfortable & some extra space between seat and seat next to me.first time at ZRH,train to Luzern,Radison Blu 3nts very nice (and pricy)
SN3147 27 Feb 2012 09:40 BRU LIN 436 Economy 17D OO-DWF RJ100 work.booked as LH5537,operated SN3147.Found ticket via Milan to ZRH less than half price than direct but only if booked under LH flt numbers and had to ask travel agent to book as online system did not find correct combo.Decided to visit a vendor in Milan on way to Switzerland.OLCI had to be done on SN.first time bus to BRU quite success.FT88 ok.quick visit to lounge,Y- half full. taxi LIN to FL EUR20 fixed rate.
SN2714 12 Dec 2011 10:50 GVA BRU 330 Economy 32S aircraft arrived fully loaded but returned almost empty
BA734 11 Dec 2011 15:05 LHR GVA 469 Club Europe 2D>3F 319 G-EUOM arrived T5C train to T5A,booked and checked in on 2D,found someone sitting in 2E,asked crew if normal,turned out to be Mr3F who wanted to sit next to his wife in 2F.I accepted move to 3F but that confused crew with my SFML order.baggage lost in LHR,it arrived in GVA later that night,delivered to apt
BA288 10 Dec 2011 21:10 PHX LHR 5267 Club World 62K G-CIVT 744 ..Embassy Paloma Village (very nice),HWS Scottsdale,visit PimaAir&Space,TitanMisilleMuseum.PHX site seeing&shopping.PHX BA loung same as 6yrs ago but only lounge left there,quite early#7 in lounge.mr62J in my seat,was misdirected by jr fa,who worried me on some other points:had to ask collegue both times how to change door setting.SFML not loaded,lobster starter and Thai Curry main excellent,slept majority of time in 3 pieces,quick bf & change into clothes.
US1197 07 Dec 2011 13:45 PHL PHX 2073 First 3F N204UW 752I Intl J class seats(old recliners,60 inch pitch,still much better than domestic F)When booking,seat 3D showed absent,on Intl segs is used as crew rest.At OLCI 3D was taken.No lounge access,took seat at empty gate A13(nextdoor)Excellent onboard service onboard,food quite decent,plate service,asked for a baileys after lunch:received 3.Asked for some water:received a 1L bottle(as did all who asked).boarding trough 1L,but on arrival 2L was used(more common).Natl Mustang conv,HWS Phx Happy Valley...
BA67 03 Dec 2011 12:00 LHR PHL 3541 Club World 15E+F G-ZZZC 772 ZZZC has no AVOD and so far old first class.flight was packed,several cascading upgrades Y>W>J>F but not us.People in 15A&K certainly upgraded to F,new occupants15AB&K 14A,14K,clearly 1st time in J.SFML starter was separate,excellent smoked salmon roulade,main course was from menu,also very good.movies TinkerTailorSoldierSpy,Contagion.Avis Kia + HWS Wi+Princeton
BA723 03 Dec 2011 07:30 GVA LHR 469 Club Europe 6D G-EUPC 319 FT security not open yet for me, jlm parking car at dp,FT was open after that,up to BA lounge,wc accross larger now,smokers lounge on mezzanine.left lounge early to avoid rush at passport check.SFML breakfast battered fried prawns,zucchini&pomme chateau.Veg OK,prawns soggy due to reheat.arrival gate T5A14,walk to FCC,but next flight not loadedyet so could not proceed, waited at FT bp checkpoint,then short wait before FT escallator(general line longer).North lounge bussy,moved to quieter end.
SN2725 02 Dec 2011 17:00 BRU GVA 330 Economy 20D OO-SSC 319 priv.positioning to GVA for break with JLM x-mas shopping in USA+short stop in AZ for sun and aero tour. (BA via gva cheaper&using up expiring MC points for SN flts).car trouble eve,DJD dropoff,FT#87 working.quick lounge visit,Y- full less 1 or 2 seats,but not next to me.turbulence expected,seatbelts on whole flight.True NEK seats
LH2296 30 Nov 2011 21:15 MUC BRU 371 Economy 22D>25D D-AEBF E195 first ride on Embrear 95. Quite comfortable, large windows. Moved seats several times prior to boarding, noticed seat next to me showed occupied each time (was testing it a bit) but those seats were never filled,so I figure they were being blocked.Light load, most people able to sit alone in a pair of seats(2-2).
LH2293 28 Nov 2011 19:00 BRU MUC 371 Economy 22D D-AIPM 320 work, booked as SN7061, operated by LH as LH2293
SN2908 16 Nov 2011 21:15 VIE BRU 576 Economy 19D OO-SSG A319 work,return after full day meeting.Shared taxi with EMEA MedDir returning to ZHR.Ealy arrival at airport,did not printing bp at OLCI,big mistake:1)had to wait 50 mins for check-in to open.2)had to hand over my rollaboard..B.light 6kg limit is a joke.. guy after me was smarter,showed only small shopping bag as carry on,his bulky flightcase-like bag was not weighed(though I think agent did see it when he walked off).OS bus at gate,so not even a bottle of water can get on board,OJ $
OS356 15 Nov 2011 19:55 BRU VIE 576 Economy 26DEF OE-LNQ 738 work.boarding 15 mins delayed,but once all on board,capt announced 2hr delay due to fog and requirement for increased spacing at VIE. Took off at 2200, but another 30 mins holding above VIE, got to HI South room by 0115. Glad I had eaten in lounge,non-alcoholic drinks were served on board during wait,food service only after takeoff:small sandwich and brownie.No one really objected too much to delay,eventhoug there were connecting pax.SN to VIE did have less delay,but the return only left at 0030
SN3184 25 Oct 2011 20:55 FCO BRU 727 Premium Economy 9D OO-VEP 734 work. I Mosaici lounge with silver card,decor still same,but food service expanded,table next to bar more choice,drinks still bar service.lounge closed at 2030,scheduled baording time,but boarding (knock-on)delayed to 2115.light load,Y+26/84.SFML excellent Seabass with Kochari sauce and rice-a-roni
SN3175 24 Oct 2011 07:35 BRU FCO 727 Premium Economy 7D OO-VEN 733 work.bp check to A pier (Schenen)now electronic gate and 1 security attendant if barcode cannot be read.quick visit to SN lounge,keeping an eye on gate A46.last to board,but still wait 1/2 up jetty.SFML quite good omlet with slice of smoked salmon,reusti,rattatoille,very good.7rows Y+, 41/48 seats, free next to me(first free middle seat)pick-up at FCO a bit late,was about to call when boss driver came in.Duke hotel, upgrade to suite, quite nice but behind elevator,closed bedroom doors. breakfast
2H9455 06 Oct 2011 18:25 XPG ZYR 190 Business C21 S81 TGV work.missed train due to late taxi(arrived 15 mins after agreed)&traffic.Took later train without problem(lots of confusion at station due to strike on part of the TGV network but Thalys not affected)Queued at Thalys info desk,they told me to check with train mgr,she said no problem,wait to be onboard 1st carriage on platform(last of train) and waited till departure,no mgr around,so with others in same situation spread out and took rear facing solo.cold roast pork OK,rice not
2H9304 06 Oct 2011 06:37 ZYR XPG 190 Business C1 S42 TGV work.regional fleet meeting with US mgt.too early for Thalys lounge (though door states open at 6.15,site 6.30)arrived in time for boarding.breakfast disappointment:croissant,chocroll,fruit,IJ,coffee or tea. Not clear to me what difference between sweetorsavory tray was.expected hot dish to be added, but alas.Internet not working as announced.glad I took taxi voucher,long line.taxis in special parking section underneath (no longer in front).
SN2102 21 Sep 2011 19:00 LHR BRU 218 Premium Economy 8D OO-DWF RJ100 work.Tube to LHR,FT security,had to show silver card(even with FT printed on bp),long queue for std security.BMI T1 lounge very good with excellent food,but long away from intl to gate quite late,was 2nd last to board(still 3 missing)forgot row7-9 underwing,no ohc for luggage,managed to get it above 1AC,Y+7rows all seats taken.SFML again not really,swapped for regular(no double this time).met colleague YT after flight,was in Y-
SN2091 20 Sep 2011 07:15 BRU LHR 218 Premium Economy 7D OO-SSP 319 work.moved earlier flight to agenda change.319 with new seats.breakfast in a box,but SFML no seafood, only fruit and soya custard,got std meal on top,dry cheese/chicken sandwich.all Flex pax with free middle seat except row 8 and 9,all same family (crying toddler when not on lap during t/o&appr).many transit from LongHaul African flights,extra detail on ID check at boarding and 6 UK imigration officers at gate on arrival,I was challenged briefly.To Regents Park office by tube, one of 1st there.
SN3184 08 Sep 2011 20:55 FCO BRU 727 Premium Economy 7D>7E OO-VES 734 work. boarding slightly delayed.7 rows Y+ but light load 19/42, 3 seats for me, so spread to middle seat. SFML excellent sea bass with coconut-curry sauce on couscous. 2 hot drinks runs, traditional tea with lemmon very good. on time landing.
SN3175 08 Sep 2011 07:35 BRU FCO 727 Premium Economy 7D OO-VEX 733 work.good flight,middle seat free for most Flex(Y+)24/30.SFML breakfast very nice salmon&spinach omelet with rÂsti & ratatouille.Std meal spinach omelet without salmon or ratatouille.drinks run and 2 hot drinks runs,had my traditional airplane tea with lemon.smooth landing,taxi to remote stand,front stairs was still maneuvering after all pax had left via back stairs,bus straight to arrivals and driver pickup to office(driver actually went after another pax,so I awaited his return to confirm ID)
9F9148 16 Aug 2011 17:04 QQS ZYR 234 Business 8-51 TGV tube back to St. Pancras. quick visit to lounge, up to platform at 16.45. light load, only 8 in carriage. Solo Seat. Meal ok, but haddock not very good: undercooked, not warm enough and no flavor. rest of dish OK.
9F9113 16 Aug 2011 08:05 ZYR QQS 234 Business 8-41 TGV work. arrived parking at 7.45, direct onto train after security and border control. Full English breakfast, sausage not that good. Coffee not that good either, switched to tea for 2nd serving. Tube to office.
SN3184 02 Aug 2011 20:55 FCO BRU 727 Premium Economy 5E>5C OO-VEP 734 FT security without invite (Y+).Delayed departure due to gate change(D5 called and posted,ac at D2) about a minute after the general boarding call to go to D5 a gate agent turned up to announce it was at D2... one of first on board of the group waiting at D5,but surprised to find about 20 pax on board already).Due to mixup had 3 no shows with checked they had to find and remove.Did give more room to spread out in Y+ 25/30, Y 100% full.excellent SFML again:
SN3175 02 Aug 2011 07:35 BRU FCO 727 Premium Economy 3C OO-VES 734 work.full flight,only free seats were 4 in first row for C.Booked less than 24 hours in advance via BCD call center(online did not work due to less than 24h) but still got excellent SFML breakfast: omelet with cured salmon.9.50 limo to office,10.25 office,8hrs later limo back to FCO.
SN3184 05 Jul 2011 20:55 FCO BRU 727 Premium Economy 7D 734 OO-VEK work. very light load in all 3 classes, SFML same but excellent dish as day before. Contrary to Miles&more info, do have lounge access in FCO with star silver.
SN3183 04 Jul 2011 18:05 BRU FCO 727 Premium Economy 5D 733 OO-LTM work. LTM is now configured with Korongo livery and interior: first 3 rows are propper short haul business class sets, 2x2 with, comparable to AA domestic First class on narrow bodies. Had I known... I would have tried to use SEN upgrade voucher on this flight. my SFML food in B.Flex very good: cod+stuffing+mashed potatoes + steamed leek. Limo to Duke hotel
LH1010 09 Jun 2011 11:45 FRA BRU 188 Economy 9A 735 D-ABIT Opel event,test days at Dudenhofen and meetings with our USA mgt.Courtesy van from Nassauerhof Wiesbaden with Joe and Gabi,kiosk checkin,seat not shown,bp prints 9A:pre-recaro seats is exit row window seat: lots of legspace (which I dont really need) but not enough shoulder width (which I do need). luckily middle seat empty. snack was a Milka chocolate bar this time
LH1015 06 Jun 2011 17:40 BRU FRA 188 Economy 21D>22DE 319 D-AILT work.left too late from K by car,into fastzone parking,too late for bagdrop so to A pier with both,FTsecurity did not flinch at packed liquids,gate checked(saw others with more carry-on).1st time new recarco slimline seats,quite comfy with support in the right places.Took seat further back to have more chance in empty middle seat...middle seat was filled on row21,moved to 22DEF.50% load,quick flight,1 drink and a LEO bar.
9F9148 15 Apr 2011 17:04 QQS XDB 234 Business 8-34 TGV moved from 13.00 to 17.00 due to agenda changes. To StPancras by tube, some short shop browsing,5mins in lounge and boarding started.In Quatro seat,eventhough there were some people traveling together split up,they were not interested in swapping. uneventfull journey,only one stop, 3mins in Lille.Car home via canal(some road works at that time)
9F9145 12 Apr 2011 15:59 ZYR QQS 234 Business TGV work
SN3250 08 Apr 2011 20:45 ATH BRU 1306 Premium Economy 5D OO-VET 734 work, return.Left office 18.30 with contract driver airport 19.15,LH lounge closed,Aegean refused(only gld),suggested Gold Air Lounge nextdoor,accepted,closing 20mins later,OK for flight.Security at gate so no drinks through,Fastlane stamp from lounge but calm flight,SFML cold smoked salmon cubes in salad, std farfale salad with pesto
SN3249 07 Apr 2011 15:45 BRU ATH 1306 Premium Economy 733 work
SN3150 29 Mar 2011 18:50 LIN BRU 436 Premium Economy 10d RJ85
SN3153 29 Mar 2011 06:40 BRU MXP 412 Premium Economy 4D RJ85 OO-DJQ work.
9F9148 20 Jan 2011 17:04 QQS ZYR 234 Business C7 S14 TGV after 2 packed days and evenings took tube back to StPancras,barely time for 1 drink before boarding.100% full,sharing a table,tried to swap so 2 colleagues could sit together and me in single seat but they would not bite.Dinner choices lamb,salmon or chicken,took lamb:buttersoft and nicely dressed,1 meagre cup of champagne,train arrived almost 20 mins late,best IC at time to Mechelen 14 mins delayed so took IR & didnt bother looking for 1st,phone dead,called from Mech for pickup,home by 2100
9F9145 18 Jan 2011 15:59 ZYR QQS 234 Business C7 S47 TGV work.corp rate incl any belgian station.Kickoff meeting new Fleet Team in LON,train Mechelen 1421,nice and early in Midi,close to an hours of work there,but WIFI very slow in lounge.ob Menu chicken or cheese for light dinner,but was salmon,quite good.Nice walk to Melia WH hotel,OK room,upgrade to superior=slightly larger,some defects reported not fixed next day,overcharged not corp rate,still to resolve.OK hotel&breakfast,****location for LON office&StPancras 20 mins walk or 2 tube stops.50%full
SN2726 06 Dec 2010 18:55 GVA BRU 330 Economy RJ85 1hr knock on delay
SN2723 03 Dec 2010 19:50 BRU GVA 330 Economy 13A>23F RJ100>A319 aircraft change (1 earlier BRU-GVA flight cancelled) from Avro RJ100 to Airbus A319. OLCI b.light started row 6, but most places in front taken. I noticed equip at gate so walked up to desk ah yes,we were just about to call you (and 8 others)... unfortunately quite in the rear now and no way to change,not busy enough for upgrade 75% occupancy in light.Slight delay on flight and quite a bit of Russians again.
BA392 30 Jun 2010 08:55 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 1A G-EUPM 319 reg deduced from to be confirmed
BA174 29 Jun 2010 19:00 JFK LHR 3448 Club World 62A G-BNLZ 744
BA175 23 Jun 2010 10:25 LHR JFK 3448 Club World 62K G-CIVN 744
BA389 23 Jun 2010 07:25 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 2F G-EUYI 320 combined work/private trip visiting MPP team and Uncle Toms aniversary
SN2722 30 Dec 2009 20:20 GVA BRU 330 Economy 14A+C OO-VES 734 public transport (car in BE). My first time through GVA as Schengen, security where passport check was, so all lounges now behind security. New Dnata lounge with DC above gate 9 with apron view (in daylight), much nicer setting, catering same (minisandwiches!).flight showed boarding at 19.40 so down to gate A5, not yet started, but some minutes later.Took gamble on exit row leaving middle seat free, but it was filled.row 14 is 2nd exit row, seats in front no recline,14 yes,about 50% more legroom
SN2723 29 Dec 2009 19:50 BRU GVA 330 Economy 17D+F 00-V733wwinglets quick visit with JLM to GVA appartment and for last minute Miles-and-More status match run(1 return flight before 31Dec09):On 2Feb10 got 12 months M&M SEN as match to our BA Gold,+ 1 upgrde voucher each.To airport quite early due to snow, to discover flight delayed.Took time browsing land and airside shops.Boarding started 1h late,but once in seats capt announced reason:awaiting 20 pax connecting from Moscow. t/o 20.57,1 free seat between us,Y- about 70% full,C empty,Y+ 7/18
BA394 11 Oct 2009 12:35 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 2DF G-EUPS 319
BA196 10 Oct 2009 00:00 IAH LHR 4830 FIRST 1EF G-VIIW 772
BA227 28 Sep 2009 15:00 LHR ATL 4207 FIRST 1EF G-RAES 772 I fare with GUF2 into First: back in our favorite 772 seats due to extra cabinets
BA393 28 Sep 2009 12:10 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 2AC G-EUPY 319 GUF2 flights,I fare paid.start of ATL-IAH road first time since CE back to expanded/collapsed seating.Road trip itin (incomplete): ALT (HamptonX2),Smokey Mountains(Gatlinburg FairfieldX2),Baton Rouge(Res In),NewOrleans(Hampton StCharles),Jackson(Res In),Lafayette(Fairfield),Houston(HWS),
BA392 16 Jun 2009 08:55 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 3A G-EUOA 319 Due to delayed arrival from JFK, had only 3 minutes in lounge to gobble down some bacon butties, then boarded at G7, right below North Galaries.SFML breakfast interesting cod curry, quite nice. (POST NOTE 20160120: was that the same curry dish as 20090120?)
BA174 15 Jun 2009 19:05 JFK LHR 3448 Club World 64K G-CIVM 744 Takeoff 2 hours delay, arrival 1 hour, so did catch up, but also less sleep time then. 62JK was taken by couple,no one in in 64J,so had extra privacy during takeoff and landing.Non-sleeper service, but most seemed to have eaten on the ground anyhow and hardly anyone on UD took breakfast. Longest sleep on a NYC flight for me, 3 hours in a go, then snoozed for another hour or so.First bouncy bed experience, did I not notice before, or does it depend from seat to seat?
BA189 07 Jun 2009 15:45 LHR EWR 3462 Club World 10J G-ZZZC 772 Bus out to T5C apron :-(. 10B was taken, so selected 10J: marginally worse, due to more toilets. Club 95% full. main meal SFML special cold lobster bits starter, main excellent cold smoked salmon with light chunky potato salad. champ=Monopole, but none for me due to muscle relaxants. no AVOD on this bird, so made it difficult to follow doctors order to get up and move every 60-90 minutes to alleviate back problem... overcame by frequently changing seat position.
BA393 07 Jun 2009 12:10 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 4F G-EUPY 319 combined work/private trip. Booked National Midsize on corp rate, cheaper EWR-JFK and EWR easier for work part and JFK easier for private part of trip. Just missed a Nissan Altima at Emerald Lane, rest mainly smaller Hyunday and Kia, an older and smelly Galant, hidden away a Prius and a Rav4, already drove Prius so took Rav4, OK ride, a bit bumpy. Great flight and supper efficient tray service,no trolleys.SMFL lunch excellent salad with cold smoked salmon steak.
BA396 09 May 2009 14:05 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 2F G-EUPY 319
BA391 09 May 2009 09:55 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 1F G-EUYA 320 quick trip over for 4 flight minimum as wel as getting extra points to rejump to Gold + 10k bonus miles. First time in enhanced Club Europe, 2+2. quite recent ac, delivery 20081124, clearly noticable with new oh panels
BA388 20 Jan 2009 06:55 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 3AC G-EUUK 319 shower and breakfast in CR.very light load:14 C pax for 7 rows,Y only 50%.SFML was a new one for me:fish curry,quite nice,slightly spicy,though strange for breakfast(luciky totally jetlagged, so it did not matter)Misters 1A and 1C had to move to other seats due to bassinett tray not locking and creating hazard for them.No biggie due to light load.On arrival,Purser notified BRU ground staff to move anyone sitting there. Pickup on Dep level, less busy.
BA12 19 Jan 2009 22:55 SIN LHR 6760 FIRST 1A>2A>1A G-CIVZ 744 Nice Elite checkin area with desk seating,but no porters,free drinks provided(security at gate)Due to status drop from Gold to Silver I got bumped out of 1A,not a very good rule as it splits up traveling parties.A lucky Gold got my seat,but he gracefully accepted to switch once told we were traveling together.Went to QF C lounge,did F on way out, got very comfy relax seats.once in 1A had champagne dumped all over me,clothes rinced and dried at arrival+dry cleaning voucher.1A nice,but prefer777FC
BA16 17 Jan 2009 16:40 SYD SIN 3904 FIRST 1E+1F G-YMMG 772 GUF2.7Nov08 BAEC could now change 1K+2K to 2EF,but after nice experience in 1EF on way out,extra cabinets,moved.2nt SIN layover at excellent IC,MRT on arrival(had cards from previous visit) to Bugis,taxi on departure.Shopping at Suntec City,sight seeing Raffles,War memorial,Ft Canning Park,next day repacking and late checkout(part of Asia Festival deal,2nd and subsequent nts at 50%+excellent breakfast included,better than lng)toured the Battle Box+shopping at Plaza Singapoura.QF C lounge nicer
QF791 15 Jan 2009 12:25 ASP SYD 1254 Economy 4D+4F VH-VXN 73H QF738 exit 13+14,but due to status? we were put into 4EF,right behind C,no bulkhead only half hard curtain,even roomier than exit,but fixed armrests.requested4D blocked was never filled,so spread out.Only C and 1st row Y got offered newspapers,rule or curtessy due to left overs?National/Europcar Kia Rio automatic(free u/g from Getz). HI Rooty Hill,strange but nice.1 day Blue mountains(OK, but not impressive after Red Centre)1 day shopping.looked for boomerangs decided to buy at airport on 17th
QF1938 09 Jan 2009 13:25 PER ASP 1229 Economy 7AC>4DF VH-NXK 712 712 2+3, all Y OP QLink/NatJetSy.QF put us in 1EF with 1D taken so we OLCId into 7AC,moved to 4D+F after t/o:all who moved were asked to return to original seat for landing weight distribution.Link service better than QF.hotel:1st&lst nite Lasseters Casino:very spaceous rooms,probably fanciest place in town.Nice w/e-only seafood buffet at AUD20pp,breakfast buffet included on 15th also very nice.5day/4nt Red Centre Safari with Connections:Kings Canyon nicer than Uluru&KataTjuta.Guide Terry vgood.
QF581 30 Dec 2008 10:10 SYD PER 2038 Business 2A+B VH-OGF 762 paid J class for flight duration,pts + flexibility:Originally QF1161 at 16.05,moved to QF575 at 10.10,equip changed to widebody,but seats still domesitic J,check-in at transfer desk in T1,bus transfer to T3 over tarmac,nice views of 380 in hangar next to T3.T3 Business lounge seems smaller now.All 3 showers taken,so I went to QClub for shower.PER Airport hotel Comfort Inn Bel Eyre(OK but not recommendable)+next day walked to Maui pickup campervan for 10 days Sth+Wst coast of WA up to Sharks Bay
BA15 29 Dec 2008 20:00 SIN SYD 3904 FIRST 1E+F G-YMMG 772 2Feb(booking date):seats not changeable on both the SYD flights(eventhough Gold)for some reason...6Nov called BAEC again,seats changed 1F+K to 1E+F for both segments to SYD.Contrary to previous flight,cuttlery was all plastic on this SYD border control,J unsure of cleanliness of running shoes,joined red line,they cleaned the shoes,took longer while I got through xpressline in mins:found transfer desk and had next segment moved to earlier flight,met up+drop of bags at transfer T1+bus to T3
BA15 28 Dec 2008 21:15 LHR SIN 6760 FIRST 1E+F G-YMMG 772 my first time in BA First.Asked to have seats changed on leg 3 when rebooking legs 1 and 2,but system did not allow.took same for both segments(same aircraft continuing).on 777 like 1EF for the extra storage cabinets next to otoman.F is also showing age,but still comfy.light meal (duck starter+desert)Sleepersuit and bed made,pot of tea...tried the whole service(except catch of the day).1hr stop in SIN,take everything off,long walk from C18 to/from QF F lounge in sweltering humid heat.
BA397 28 Dec 2008 17:20 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 2A+C G-EUOA 319 GUF2 BRU-SYD on miles Club+JLMs GUF2.Original out to SIN on 24Dec.On 12Oct,award seats for 28Dec became available,grabbed them:no more layover on way out.SSCI forced(did not OLCI),3rd leg bp not print.after missing meals found,flight OK,SFML same as rest:yummy smoked haddock.Bus transfer T5-T4, G1 lounge quite empty,SIN-SYD bp failure due to ETA mismatch,corrected by CSA Andrew(put in compliment online)Dining room limited choices but food OK,ambience not so,clear that this place is on last legs.
EC022 15 Dec 2008 20:05 JFK AMS 3640 Business 3A>3F G-BPEK 757 moved: galley light+direct view to/from galley to 3E.3F probably most private seat,but also basinet position+closet/cart w/ tea/coffee crockery,so frequently accessed after dinner and at breakfast.CDC Jeff suggested 6F,but baby with parents in 6AB, so declined.Dinner succulent leg of lamb and huge creme brule,asked to be woken at T-45 no breakfast,but awoken by service to others anyhow,asked for express bf,not official service,got a croissant+drink.train AMS-2800 EUR47.20+pickup
AA258 12 Dec 2008 07:15 LAS JFK 2245 First 5A N656AA 752 K-Up fare.Changed 1F to last available non-bulkhead 5A at OLCI,to continue to use of rollaboard as footstool,as it is not possible to keep luggage on floor for whole flight in bulkhead.Movie Ghost Town,already seen on way out,read mails synched before and slept a little.Rice Crispies or omlet(took)2nd service drinks only.Boarding and unboarding via 2L,so no traffic in F.JFK rental switched Dollar to National Emerald Aisle service,not much exciting,so took Pontiac Vibe(wXM),drive to CT for visit.
AA257 09 Dec 2008 16:45 JFK LAS 2245 First 4F N626AA 752 K-Up fare.Still old grey leather seats,not yet upgraded yet(see Fred Claus+Ghost Town.Rediscovered using rollaboard as movable foot rest:fits lengthwise under seat and when rolled fully back can extend elevated feet under seat.Car Dollar Lock Low and Go rate:choose own car similar to Emerald Aisle,fully loaded Santa Fe(Leather,XM,sun)at base rate of $8/day,not bad.Luxor special 3 for 2 rate-$75 MC promo:all in $25/nt
EC021 08 Dec 2008 13:20 AMS JFK 3640 Premium Economy 12A G-BPEK 757 special promo rate on OpenSkies.Probably the best Eco+ product in the world(now BizSeat).Row 12 best with oodles of footspace due to exit row.Very nice F&B service,better than some intl J class:plated courses,real china,cutlery and glasses,except for afternoon tea:box and plastic/paper cups.load too light 3/24Biz, 12/40Prem.Personal IFE nice,but powercord too short in Prem and using only available powerplug.Watched Mama Mia+some sitcoms,good headset,but not NC.BizBed does get overear NC headset
SN2714 11 Nov 2008 10:00 GVA BRU 330 Premium Economy 7A OO-SSG 319 JLM flying to FRA 1 hr later,so to airport together.OLCId from 3A-7A to avoid middle seat filling from front.light load in both cabins,27 flex pax for 51 seats.Nice wide seats,but avoid B seats at front:collapsable type.Breakfast served danish,mini-ciabatta with Maredsous,appleslices,very nice OJ(brand Verger?)Arrival at A terminal, bus to B transfer gate under B17.while taxiing noticed old satelite has new windows on ground level,tarp covering 1st&2nd floor,refurbishing for LCC? no jetties
SN2721 07 Nov 2008 19:55 BRU GVA 330 Premium Economy 1F OO-LTM 733 OZ prep - 20k miles+EUR112 tax&charges, award flt, books into b.Flex.26K expiring Feb2009.only 2 security lanes open,Q all the way to PressShop,luckily in flex,so access to priority line all the way to the start of the rollers.Quick stop at BA lounge.1F worst seat:no OHC,fixed armrest with unused protrusion on already narrow seats,fuselage tapering in.Dinner cold pene with tuna capers tomatoes olives,sesame roll,white wine,water.LTM has leaky 1L plugged by CDC with tissues.4 rows flex,20pax
SN2720 31 Aug 2008 20:05 GVA BRU 330 Economy 8D OO-VEX 733 exit row 11,not selectable at OLCI,was showing 13F,moved to 8D, 1st row with available aisle seat and no-one in E.At bag drop 8E still empty,very full flight:only 5 seats free in light.Delayed due to late incoming, so in DC lounge (DNATA Skyview) till boarding.remote gateB34 so fast security,arrived together with ac.Identical crews as Friday,one recognized me and we spoke more:layover. Seat pitch much better than Fri, due to equipment or row, or both?arrived at B40, luggage slow,school hols over
SN2721 29 Aug 2008 19:40 BRU GVA 330 Economy 28C OO-VEP 734 at OLCI, was showing in 14A, but rows 13&14 not assignable at OLCI, and my assignment not visible, so moved to 12B hoping noone else would join.. ended up surrounded, so asked at bag drop to be moved to aisle seat without neighbor: 28C. Last row, gives chance to chat with cabin crew. Nice sandwiches in BA lounge, boarding and departure late, hard landing, cramped seats, glad I had no direct neighbor, exit row was packed, more legroom but no breathing space. Luggage OK.
SN3184 29 May 2008 20:55 FCO BRU 727 Premium Economy 4E>4D>8D OO-DJP RJ85 Flex.luggage previous flight late,arrived in Term B around 1800,checkin not open,AZ nor SN ticket desk could give me bp(hand luggage only).checkin officially open at 1855,opened around 1825,informed 1h delay finally 2h10(ATC).leasurely through security,shops with Hans,met 2 more on other side,cafetaria pizza,1 free softdrink due to delay on showing of bp at bar,boarding 22.10,remote stand.Salad with chicken and orange,white wine,OHC seemed smaller than OO-DJX.VIP 2F Maystadt,HP guys in Y-.guest+
AZ7932 29 May 2008 15:00 CAG FCO 243 Economy 28J>24JK I-DATC MD82 orig direct to BRU,Meridiana flight IG1773 operated AZ.Had to check-in as rollaboard to heavy for them(8kg max),qued 40 min,received bp at boarding time,but flight delayed by 20 mins at that point,finally take off at 15.40.Asked for aisle seat forward,but received 28J,gave my seat to colleague of 28KL ,I moved to 24K:exit row with recline was left empty for some reason,3 seats to myself and someone else also took 24C.Service was tough choice between sparkling and still water.Arrival 50 min late.
SN3211 27 May 2008 10:55 BRU CAG 833 Premium Economy 1D>1E 00-DJX RJ85 work: HP Conference.Y+17 pax in 7 rows,Y42,no C.jacket taken,pre-flight newspapers,no drinks.Dinner was roasted chicken filet pieces in nice cream sauce with carrots,greenbeans and fried potato quarts,unfortunatly me and Mr 1A had to send it back as not warm enough,5 mins later very nice.Desert mousse of caramel.3 drink runs.Food service strange mix of C and Y:Table cloth but boxed lunch.also strange,flightmode not allowed.Bumpy approach,coach transfer to ForteVillage resort for conference
BA404 29 Mar 2008 17:40 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 1A G-EUPT 319 same day turnaround, after sampling all the lounges T5A we have access to (all except Concorde)
BA393 29 Mar 2008 12:15 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 1A G-EUPH 319 hop over to test out T5 with J&A. Did not get offered SFML, but J did see it on the cart with my name on it. J had words with BAA scanning re camera, lunch at Wagamama, spent most time in Galeries F lounge.
2H9403 15 Jan 2008 06:37 ZYR XPG 190 Business work. meeting with HP for Paris implementation. train time and number to be confirmed
2H9455 15 Jan 2008 06:37 XPG ZYR 190 Business work. meeting with HP for Paris implementation. train time and number to be confirmed
9F9150 04 Jan 2008 17:26 QQS ZYR 307 Premium Economy 8-11>71 TGV RadSASMtBatten.Still did not get to see play! overslept afternoon jetlag nap.But 2 other items off my London to-do list: Covent Garden and Transport Museum (renewed Nov08)Back to hotel for luggage,taxi to St.Pancras.Train for Paris 4 mins later from same platform boarding same time..stupid.Sharing duo with 1 from a party of 5, so asked to move:OK after Ebbsfleet: 6 seats! Decent food and service again.I am a Eurostar convert (at least if LON is final destination, not for transfers).Home by 21.15
E006 02 Jan 2008 20:30 JFK STN 3468 First 4D N-405JS 757 first booked 4A, then 3A, as no bulkhead at 4A (contrary to info on,then 4D opened up, which does has crew jumpseat in front of it, so giving a little more privacy. Note 10A&D no footstool due to door. Maxjet bankrupt 24Dec, EOS honoring their tickets, so I wonder how many ex MY pax on this flight? Only 1 free seat (10D), had dinner in excellent Emirates lounge, so changed into provided pj and slept some hours. N405 has priv airnozzles,N927not. E0 Ch11 27Apr08. STN-X + taxi to...
E03 23 Dec 2007 13:00 STN JFK 3468 First 3B N-926JS 752 Xmas in CT: booked special end of year sale VIP14 thanks to FTer PhilH. trying new travel concept. On board, eventough the decor was not very fancy, service and seat felt indeed more like First, so I will classify it as such. 35/48 guests, great food, the most succulent chicken breast in years, glasses always topped up, Bloody Mary just as I ordered it... heaven. Picked up at JFK by Jlm, Hertz Prius, added 2nd driver and off to CT. 1 letdown on EOS, no escort at STN,but did not mind. 926 no air
9F9149 22 Dec 2007 17:01 ZYR QQS 307 Premium Economy 12-51 TGV my first Eurostar trip and immediatly in LeisureSelect=Business class seats and service (except lounge access) at eco price. Food and drinks service comparable to any s/h business product, seat wider. Radisson SAS STN as GP silver (BA comp gold last year, dropped to silver now) Conveniently located almost on airport, but on opposide side of STNexpress terminal and EOS checkin zone K. OK hotel, spectacular atrium with wine tower, good breakfast buffet. STN packed on 23rd, except EOS + MaxJet area
SN3722 20 Dec 2007 12:30 MAD BRU 815 Economy 4E>4F OO-LTM 733 EUR60 fee and EUR40 fare diff change from the 10.20 to the 12.30, a couple of hours extra to finish off work.Flight delayed, final take off 14.50.Very glad I had DC for access to an almost empty Aena lounge (basic but good food choices).Did some work and had lunch there.On board 95% full in light, many rowdy RSCA supporters. LTM does not have indivudual air.Due to change, total ticket price higher than flex would have been,corporate travel rules, grrr! On 1 of few rows with only 2 people
SN3721 17 Dec 2007 09:20 BRU MAD 815 Economy 10C>10A OO-VEN 733 work trip. first and last visit to DC lounge BRU A pier: closing 31dec2007, access to Diamond Lounge at fee EUR18 after that. OK flight, not too full had 3 seats for myself, but shared it with person from 10D as EF also full. row 10 on VEX 733 is 1 before exit rows, so no recline. bought breakfast menu, taxi to office, walk to Silken Puerta Madrid every day. packed work days, taxi to airport, saw nothing of the city, next time hopefully. For return, I requested flexibility, but still not in Flex
BA394 04 Nov 2007 12:35 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 1A G-EUOF 319 exhausts) took an hour to get 1822, nice city view but room not yet refurbished, a bit warn out, but the view makes it all good. For award nite, did get upgraded to DeLuxe room with Executive lounge access, for the paid nite the remained in same room, so only exec was the upgrade as that rate was breakfast included. Bigbus tour: blue and red line around, changing gard walk tour, boat to tower. visited tower bridge exhib, walked rightbank, visited City Hall and Globe,millenium bridge,tube back
BA403 01 Nov 2007 13:50 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 1A G-EUXJ 321 extended weekend London sightseeing ,last time I did that was 16 years ago.. good excuse to going for GUF2 and 15K bonus miles. Jlm joining on 2Nov. 22OCt: 1A became available, so switched from 1C. I am a recent convert to 1A on BA 32S: enough room to get out without disurbing 1C and still a view. Used to prefer 2C and dislike bulkhead due to limited leg room, but not recenly...hotel: HH Park Lane, 2 nts award, one paid. not happy with first room 618 (renovated, but no view and just above...
BA394 13 Oct 2007 12:35 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 1A G-EUPN 319 at 10:50, but as I had checked luggage, remained on rebooked 394. shower, breakfast and internet T4G1 lounge,stoll past shops to T4G15, 2 mins later boarded reasonably on time, door closed on sched departure time but then captain announced that they had not started loading our luggage yet, delayed due to cargo hatch problems and just finished unloading previous flt...departed 70min late, CE service good as usual (smoked salmon). arr 55 min late. my bag only missing this flt, next day delivered
BA114 12 Oct 2007 20:30 JFK LHR 3448 Club World 62K G-BNLT 744 flight delayed till 21.45. I had the option of taking the 20.01 flight, but would have to run and suffer a middle seat sharing with a stranger + no chance of upgrade, so left original flight in 62K and the connecting flight was changed from BA402 to BA394. G-BNLT turned out to be old club world, standard nylon blankets and pillows... everyone on upper deck did get offered a second clingy blanket, but I was still not too happy. through transfer security by 9.55, so could have still made BA402...
BA185 07 Oct 2007 08:55 LHR EWR 3462 Club World 10B G-VIIY 772 at G23, so long relaxed walk over to V, at gate by 8:33, machine rejected bp, but no u/g and did not have time to try pay for one under the current deal, down the stairs and on to bus: why do they make you walk all that way, to then put you on a bus to sit there for 15 minutes... t/o 20 min late, arr 20 min early, C 60%, 18 ch IFE, movies: Knocked up and Oceans 13, excellent seared salmon steak, 2 hrs sleep. service OK, not exceptional. Car: National Pontiac G6 Coupe, Sierra Suites Branchburg
BA389 07 Oct 2007 07:25 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 2C G-EUVP 319 After last experience and growing a bit tired of LHR transfers (12 in year) wanted to avoid BA, but just as I was planning this trip was invited to collect some bonus miles and BA corp rate lower than CO rate which TA proposed, no reason not to switch: should earn approx 55K miles total. Hope I wont regret - C 66% full, 9 rows, Y75% ,take-off 20 minutes late, arrival ditto. walking hardstop, wait at transfer fast track, got pulled flights departing before 9, got through by 8:15, EWR boarding
BA402 10 Jun 2007 10:50 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 4C>3E G-EUPU 319 previous flight BA114 arrived 1h20 late. 20 minutes wait at fast track security and straight to gate for boarding. I asked to check whether my luggage made it, attendant came back with news from ground crew that no items were reported not making it. Arrival in Brussels: no luggage, go to claim, but am sent back to belt as flight not complete, back to claim office and I see they already have my name on the list...why not warn those on list? bag delived next day at office. LHRRRRRRRR
BA114 09 Jun 2007 20:30 JFK LHR 3448 Club World 64K G-BYGG 744 my first time in the latest Club World. Actually found more negatives than positives. + AVOD + better seat sitting, slouching and sleeping (no more aches) + drawer + footstool + no more overhead reading lamps to be disturbed by - overall flimsy finish - feels narrower at knees when sitting and shoulders both sitting and sleeping - metal pieces - tray table not supported at 2 ends - no real coctail table anymore - no cubby hole at head postion to store small items during sleep.
BA185 02 Jun 2007 08:55 LHR EWR 3462 Club World 15K G-VIIK 772 tried to get this flight upgraded under the special promo for Belgium and Holland (C/J/DUQUPGR), but eventhough corporate rate is in D, corporate travel agent could not apply it. boarding delayed due to late incoming aircraft from EWR and jetty not working. ok flight, but kind of surprised to find myself in a 12 chanel IFE system with the really small screens, not used to that anymore... First time in seat 15K, indeed the most private, but not the best for getting off fast 10B was taken.
BA389 02 Jun 2007 07:25 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 1C>1A G-EUPM 319 work. Cancelled DL booking as BA corporate rate cheaper. Hope I am not going to regret it, as I have had enough of LHR... Car rental in USA: National Emerald aisle upgrade to a white Pontiac Grand Prix with leather interior and XM sat radio. it cetrainly did the job. quick visit to CT, where Da&T also were visiting. NJ&PA HH matress runs for fastrack to gold + 1 horrible experience in a Fairfield
SN2724 21 May 2007 06:40 GVA BRU 330 Economy 7C OO-VEK 734 bought less than 8 hours earlier online, paid CHF 180 in total. First time on SN since new product, first time on former VEX equip. Seats narrower than most, exit rows 13 & 14 on this 734. on approach sudden pull up, had to abort and go around as aircraft on runway. In hindsight, as DON4 itins had to be split due to work anyhow, should have had another layover on LHR and terminate DONE4 in GVA later (if still possible, max number of LHR layovers?)
SN2722 20 May 2007 21:20 GVA BRU 330 Economy missed Gambled and lost:Missed this flight due to BA736 delayed for 2 hours...award flt on SN miles,return home after last leg of DONE4 ex GVA.Booked as Eco in Aug2006 under SNBA, no Business available at time for return.Paid 10000 miles for this segment,but new rules are award bookings 7500 for b.light only.Brussels Airlines promissed to refund 2500,as they could not put me in b.flex, never got refund...I let it slide.. not taking flight complicated even more.
BA736 20 May 2007 17:35 LHR GVA 469 Club Europe 9 A+C G-EUPS 319 RTW20 E4, last flight of DONE4. When we changed previous flight from day to night, no D seats on the best connection, so a bit of a layover, which was extended by about 2 hours standing at gate, taxiing and parking all around LHR. Many flights delayed that day, so cascaded on. In hindsight, as PNRs had to split anyhow, should have put in another interruption and fly straight to BRU and complete the DONE4 later. On the bright side, had the best seats in the house, exit row twin
BA108 20 May 2007 09:10 DXB LHR 3417 Club World 14 J+K G-VIIW 772 RTW19 E3-changed to day flight.Disadvantage:772 not 744.Advantage:full Saturday.Hilton very recommendable,they moved included bf to arrival day.Product evaluation of this DONE4:overall best lh J experienced=QF,Best mh=CX,Best sh=QF(both mainline+Jetconnect).Of course BA good overall,but especially service and seat practicality better on QF,service tops on CX (too early for new CX J class, old good but dated),food is a tie between CX and QF.overall ranking on these 20+10 segments:QF-CX-BA-IB-AA.
BA109 16 May 2007 21:40 LHR DXB 3417 Club World 10 A+B G-YMMJ 772 RTW18 E2 good uneventful flight 15 EF already taken, so remained in 10AB. Luggage did not make it, was delivered to hotel that evening. As it was so cheap, decided to rent car in Dubai, Blue Ford Focus Automatic from Dollar. On our first visit from Hilton Dubai Creek to Deira City Center shopping mall, concierge advised using taxi, but on the way back had to queue 45 minutes to get one... Took car almost everywhere as of then except into old souks: watertaxi: dirt cheap and efficient
BA399 16 May 2007 19:15 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe Y 11C>8E G-EUOC 319 positioning flight for last part of RTW. First time in ET since Oct2003 (did have CX, MU, HU and SN Y class since) trying to grab 1st row of AC side, but alas already taken, but wait, there is a new boarding pass for me at the gate... upgraded to 8E, the dreaded middle seat in Club, but still beats sitting in the back. Flight 100% full, 2 or 3 upgrades, 2 or 3 standby of which one in J, so I got upgraded to accomodate stand-by pax, start of extended weekend for many.
BA392 15 Apr 2007 08:55 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 2C G-EUXC 321 last interruption of RTW 6Mar07 moved to the now free 2C, which was taken earlier (perhaps by the person who moved to 3A?). 11 rows of J,about 70% full, English breakfast not profile seafood special, possibly due to book and paid 1 way upgrade at time of booking? luggage checked through as supposed to (so far only delayed luggage on BA-BA connections...)
CX251 14 Apr 2007 23:55 HKG LHR 5990 Business 81A B-HOP 744Std RTW17 AP-E. Jlm staying behind for work, so flying to Europe alone. Seat selection limited some UD left, initially 88H, 86A and K showed empty at -36hours. did not do OLCI, due to wanting to ensure through checking of luggage onto LHR-BRU (different booking), at CTS selected 81A then, bulkhead with side storage boxes, dinner and breakfast nothing special, slept for approx 4 hours, movies and sitcoms for rest. Strangely enough plastic only cutlery, contrary to previous CX flights (all metal).
CX581 14 Apr 2007 16:45 CTS HKG 2129 Business 11H+K B-HXE 34D(2cInt) bus CTS-City, Rennaissance hotel, train to Otaru, by chance steamclock related to YVR one, Sapporo beer museum. RTW16 AP3 22Jan06: noticed equipment change 777->747. 25Mar06 new equipment change to 34D. Planned bus to airport, but due to snow and accident advised to take train, time enough. tiny JAL international departures lounge. only 10 people in J today, so some seat shifting possible. old international J seats (wedgies) are a bit worn out, but OK. service and food top notch of course
CX580 11 Apr 2007 09:45 HKG CTS 2129 Business 14H+K B-HNB 772(2cReg) RTW15 AP2 changed flight from 8 April back to 777 2class regional, so no more chance of sitting in first class seat...when changed flight it was still showing as 747 so had us on UD, but now back to 777. no time for lounge (bit of a time miscalculation, no time for in-town check-in), check-in at F desk with porter service, straight to boarding at furthest gate. Excellent lunch, especially the starter. Still same rock shaped salt and pepper set as I bought in 2004. only 1 other passendger in J
CX317 10 Apr 2007 07:50 PEK HKG 1233 Business 16DG 330 (2class reg) RTW14 AP1 moved flight from 7Apr, more time in China to visit Xian.Excellent dim sum breakfast.C70% full.Regional config OK,as long as no reclining in front.Disadvantage of 16DG is TV coming down for general video announcements.Transfer in and out of departures area for -50% airport express coupon print at lounge,interesting experience (only works with BP and transfer out voucher from lounge),shuttle to MP hotel,Dp rate,ug to suite.Dinner with Michelle and Andy in Spanish restaurant Ole
HU7881 06 Apr 2007 18:00 XIY PEK 579 Economy 9D+E 738 as we had not prepared our visit to Xian,booked a whole day limmo through Sofitel concierge,was a VW Santana with OK driver(limited English),visit to Terra Cotta(hired local official guide)and some related sites.Flight: contrary to prevailing on-line opinions,we found MU to be better than HU on these 2 flights.1 nice touch on HU is the presentation of the crew.Food: noodles with some bits of pork + box with roll and candy bar.No alcohol in Y.In PEK return to HI Express (reg not found on ACARS)
MU2108 05 Apr 2007 17:10 PEK XIY 579 Economy 26E+F B-2205 320 side trip to Xian to see TerraCotta Warriors. booking, originallz HU out and back, but for some reason out booking was cancelled (according to elong by HU). Flight delayed, finally airborne 2 hours behind schedule. On board service better and food better than on HU (next flight). food: nice chicken fry with rice and cabage + box with roll, snack, water and fruit salad. Can of Chinese Budweiser to wash it down (most cc) and some more water. strange OH lightshow before takeoff. Sofitel
BA1039 03 Apr 2007 12:45 LHR PEK 5076 Club World 15E+F G-YMMO 772 2nd leg of return to Asia . BA changed schedule. original BA39, 16.35-9.30, now early morning arrrival. Also uneventfull flight, staff soso, but strict on left/right service, so we were eating asynchronous. Sea Food meal separate from fish choice on menu, decided not to take it. middle seats in back of Club ideal for 2 on a night flight. In hindsight should have tried AY for this routing. Hotel in PEK: Shangdi HI Express: new, clean and cheap + close to Metro. Taxi to hotel (luckily had phone#
BA391 03 Apr 2007 10:05 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 2C>3E G-EUXF 321 1st segment of re-positioning flight to start 3rd part of RTW to Asia to continue RTW, oneway Club paid with miles. quite empty flight 11 rows of CE for 6 pax, Y approx 40%. All C pax selected AC seats, had neighbor, so I spread out to 3E for both our comfort. Uneventful but correct service.
BA404 14 Jan 2007 17:40 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 1C G-EUPA 319 CW seg (previous) fine but uneventfull, slept a bit, watched 3.5 movies, UD full, did not go for walk so no idea on other cabins. Arrival at LHR T1, transfer to T4 for first since years. Security check at T1&2 connections fast track till 18:00, BAA still very strict on 1 bag policy, Jlm had to put handbag in carry-on. showered in Gate 1 Terraces, nice new buffet and chef service upstairs. Final flight again with baby other side of row 1, only cried shortly. 10 rows of J but only 17 pax, Y 40%
BA6 14 Jan 2007 11:00 NRT LHR 5969 Club World 64 JK G-CIVY 744 RTW break flts home on miles. nothing open in T1 at early hour. All QF pax transfering to OW flight T1 were given voucher for access to shower lounge (with also info on respective carrier lounges). CX was first to open, so went there first (both OW Emeralds). CX lounge quite run down, but it was in the last week of use, CX moved to T2 on 21Jan07. Then to BA lounge, did not feel like shower (in ajacent AA lounge) slight confusion on check-through of luggage was straightened by lounge desk.
QF21 13 Jan 2007 22:05 SYD NRT 4842 Business 3 EF VH-QPJ 333 layover, C and F lounge. RTW13 OZ-AP. 2 class aircraft. Skybeds again, overall looks the same, but the seat felt not as comforable as on 744, and some minor differences: each pair closer to eachoter in width, bottle holder in seat ahead (between coathooks) instead of between shoulders, no folio compartment and glovebox in center arm rest. Full flight front and back. Excellent food, slept some hours. Arrival in NRT was quite early 06:10, bus transfer T2-T1 a bit over bureaucratic but amusing.
QF122 13 Jan 2007 14:45 ZQN SYD 1205 Business 1 EF VH-VXL 37H RTW12 OZNZ3. only some SYD J pax, including us (status related?) were provided access code of the day to the NZ Koru lounge right above our gate 3, NZ staff to check. take off 23, corkscrew ascent 630deg with views of city for all. OK flight, though the numerous crew members could have done a better job, instead of almost literaly falling over eachother. Luckily one staff did a pretty good job trying to calm down a crying toddler. No cutouts for row 1, but with legrests. DVD players again. 4hr
??002 12 Jan 2007 16:00 MFN ZQN 47 Economy all ZK-HML NDE return to Queenstown, scenic flight over Fjordland National Park with Helicopter Line Aerospatiale AS-355F1 Ecureuil 2 ZK-HML. Stopped on top of glacier, frollicked in snow for a while and continued. Taxi service from and to Crowne Plaza included (the other couple also staying there). US pilot on seasonal contract,used to fly for oil companies in Alaska,prefers NZ.
??001 12 Jan 2007 13:00 ZQN MFN 47 Economy all ZK-HML NDE hop over from Queenstown to Milford Sound, scenic flight over Fjordland National Park with Helicopter Line Aerospatiale AS-355F1 Ecureuil 2 ZK-HML (IATA type code NDE). Had booked for airplane out, helicopter back, but airplane was cancelled due to fog at MFN, so offered heli out and back at same price (normally approx 25% more). 1 other couple, Enlgish. 4 segments in total (out stopped on top of mountain, return on top of glacier) so each got to sit next to the pilot
QF53 30 Dec 2006 12:30 ADL AKL 2023 Business 1 D+F ZK-JNN 733 RTW11 OZNZ2 operated by Jetconnect. Very good service, perhaps even better than mainline QF medium and shorthaul we did. Seats older type without leg rests, but with cutouts in bulkhead for row 1. Personal DVD players very handy. Lunch excellent. 2 week driving tour of NZ in Mercedes Sprinter 208CDI campervan (Maui/Britz/Backpacker), replaced in WLG by identical one due to clutch giving out. One way rental AKL-ZQN (only possible with rental campers in NZ) 1 nt Crowne Plaza ZQN
QF751 29 Dec 2006 12:25 SYD ADL 724 Business 2 D+F VH-VXQ 738 RTW10 OZNZ1 Domestic config, quite nice, better than AA domestic, pitch slightly less but with leg rest. IFE only mainscreen news and documentary. 1 night in Hilton ADL, quite nice, view on front better than rear, but due to summer limited opening hours of lounge, breakfast downstairs very copious. Transfer to hotel with airport-hotel shuttle bus (shared), back in taxi. Hotel in AKL 1 night Hyatt Regency with nice views for breakfast from club lounge. transfer in both directions with airbus.
QF008 26 Dec 2006 12:50 LAX SYD 7483 Business 17JK>16K 744 RTW09 TP UD again,same seats.Strangely enough row 16 completely empty,so spread out to 16K for snooze.UD about 60% full though.Food better than BA,seat has advantages over current CW seat (storage, bottle, recline, secondary seat controls, dome light)but also disadvantages(not flat, someones feet under your head if not in last row)2nts at SYD IC with club access:very recommendable,views from club to opera and bridge insurpassable: want to view NewYears firework from there some time (reg not fnd
QF108 25 Dec 2006 18:45 JFK LAX 2473 Business 17JK 744 RTW08 NA6+TC...towards F lounge. On QF of course no pre-flight dining or MB, so spent some time reading, checking e-mail and updating this log. Had requested seats 24AB on main deck for this flight to compare to UD tomorrow, but at checkin were told that most likely due to light load, maindeck BC was closed. Seats and service very nice. 1nt layover in LAX to catch the better timed QF8 and less jetlag. HGI El Segundo, my fav LAX airport hotel (reg not found on ACARS logs)
BA175 25 Dec 2006 10:25 LHR JFK 3448 Club World 62 J+K G-BIGC 744 second leg of re-positioning flight to continue second part of RTW, remote stand, upperdeck less than half full, excellent smoked and poached salmon as starter, King Prawn curry and Haddock and KIng Prawn pie. Fell asleep watching The Queen. On time arrival at JFK, check-in for QF not open yet, so sat in lounge in F checkin area till 14:50, checked in then to kill time went around on skytrain looking at terminals and airplanes till about 15.30, to F area security, leasurely stroll..
BA389 25 Dec 2006 07:15 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 2 A+C G-EUUC 320 picking up RTW again, flying to JFK on miles. Early flight do to limited shedule on Xmas, shrimp in omelet sea food special were off, told em so, rest OK.
VG158 24 Nov 2006 16:15 LCY BRU 196 Economy 4C>4D F50 with V first in 3B, then 4C.Much nicer flight than front of wings,much quieter.Service just as good as previous.LCY good for our business trip to location North East of London.M11 in and out quite fast,but some traffic getting to M11.very late check-in time possible at LCY/VLM,left car in Hertz pick-up area as it was not clearly signed where I had to be,apparently drop-off further down road,but counter said it was fine.Too bad could not stay for weekend.(reg not found on ACARS)
VG157 22 Nov 2006 15:35 BRU LCY 196 Economy 13D F50 HOD rollout. my First VLM & first F50 (as far as I can remember), first LCY. asside from tardiness (lost slot due to late arrival of incoming plane) and noise in the back of the prop, very recommendable, excellent complementary full inflight service. Row 13 not recommendable, due to noise and less space as fuselage tapers in. Luckily no-one next to me. Forgot camera on board, quickly sorted, nice thing about small airports. car: Ford Mondeo Estate (Hertz) again brand new (reg not found onACARS
SN2720 19 Nov 2006 20:10 GVA BRU 330 Economy 3D 146 award flight.Got lots done this weekend for OZ-NZ + prep for X-mas housing 16 people.Checked-in online,only 1Y and 1J desk open,not clear what to do with OLCI (carrying X-mas presents to Belgium),so queued in J line(also as SN AmEx gold).Fast check-in and passport control,but very long line for security screening,so no time for lounge(pre CH in Schengen). Y full this time,J empty.Food boxed lunch with BLT sandwich+tuna pasta salad. (checked ACARS for reg, not found)
SN2721 17 Nov 2006 20:10 BRU GVA 330 Economy 5D OO-DJW RJ85 award flight to plan OZ-NZ trip. Visited BRU terminal B DC lounge for the first time since flight to BHX in 1996(?). Looked same as I remember. As usual with SN, friendly and efficient service, very nice warm panini, but not a full meal. 5 in J over 4 rows, Y about 50%
BA394 04 Nov 2006 12:40 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 2C G-EUPX 319 ... been any faster for anyone allowed in fast track transfer). Cought up on private e-mails in Terraces Lounge, then moved to First class lounge for a first class lunch (though no more mushrooms for hot tomato and mushroom baguette) so had bacon instead + lovely smoked salmon, sandwiches and Monopole and Charles Millesime to wash down. Flight was quite full, approx 26 pax in 6 rows of CE. slightly iritate woman in 2A shouting to husband and kid in 1 EF and relatives /friends in 3AC.ignored her
BA391 04 Nov 2006 09:55 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 3C>3E>3F G-EUOE 319 points run to requalify for gold + required earning segments on BA. Less than half full up front, so moved from 3C to 3E for eating, 3F for takeoff and landing. Connecting immediatly out again: getting through LHR T4 connection centre was slow. Luckily fast track was open, but still took about 25 mins of queing. Econ pax at least 60 mins waiting. Econ pax with longer connection times were advised to go through passport control and back in (but from what I heard, that would not have...
BA398 15 Sep 2006 16:25 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 3C G-EUPW 319 LHR BAA still temporary restrcitions on handluggage and liquids at the time, had to hand over already smaller than standard bag (approx flight case size) and received a woven plastic bag with zipper for belongings and laptop...packed flight, 25 Club pax in 5 rows 1hr delayed due to equipment change and flight crew delayed (and previous LHR-BRU cancelled) ran into company director on flight. He was shushed by FA during briefing ;-)
BA84 14 Sep 2006 20:35 YVR LHR 4719 Club World 64 A+B G-BNLX 744 break of RTW flight on miles. uneventfull. as West coast, no pre-flight dinner, but due to lenght that was OK. Did have some sandwiches in lounge while I put our DONE4 into this flight log and boarding delayed. Lounge staff very carefull with liquids: only on order, no self service, due to the liquid scare in LHR then. Short distance from lounge to gate, lukily priority boarding q as Y pax were being processed quite slowly. Light dinner on board and then slept quite well till breakfast.
AA281 13 Sep 2006 18:10 DFW YVR 1752 Business 6 E+F N597AA MD83 RTW07 NA5,new domestic first seats(looks old int J but more limited recline),but because of Canada sold as Business, pitch same as old domestic first (and a bit more on starboard side compared to port), seats better in recline, still no footrest. Layover in airport Hilton (actually not near airport, they do not have room type booked on-line, a twin suite, received King suite...) and 24 hours to visit city: city bus into town, BigBus tour, city bus back and hotel shuttle bus from and to airport.
AA2244 13 Sep 2006 12:15 JAC DFW 1045 First 3 A+B N637AM 752 RTW06 NA4, same config. JAC nice litte airport, quite relaxed, walk from and to aircraft. Only 1 AA flight in and out (seasonal?) and 757 certainly the largest one there. Lots of corporate jets.
AA2245 09 Sep 2006 09:35 DFW JAC 1045 First 4 A+B 752 RTW05 NA3, same config. Visit to Jackson, Grand Teton NP, Yellowstone NP, Barstow MT. car: blue Chevy Malibu (Thrifty using 2 free day certs) hotels: HGI Bozeman, MT; Jackson Inn (not nice) + 3 different park lodges. (checked ACARS for reg, not found)
AA279 08 Sep 2006 22:10 ANC DFW 3040 First 5 E+F 752 RTW04 NA2, same config, started using roll-aboard case as footrest. Night flight on these is quite reminicent of flying in eco. Transfer in DFW to other terminal, shower in AA lounge quite nice. wanted to visit BA lounge but it was closed by the time we did (only flight had left) (checked ACARS for reg, not found)
AA725 31 Aug 2006 18:34 ORD ANC 2843 First 1 E+F N649AA 752 RTW03 NA1, old domestic first seats (grey leather, no support), no footrest, hardly any recline. 9 day driving tour of Alaska. Car: dk grey Jeep Grand Cherokee (Thrifty) hotels: HWS ANC (Hotel shuttle bus from airport and back to pick up rental car), Mc Kinley Creek Cabins, Princess Lodge Coppercenter, BW Valdez, HIE Seward
IB6275 30 Aug 2006 12:05 MAD ORD 4198 Business 1 J+K EC-GGS 343 RTW02 TA,new J seat,excellent food,drink,AVOD&flight show,only downside was crew slightly less friendly in English(No sir,it is not champagne, it is CAVA!)more so in Spanish.Advantage of bulkhead seat is cutout footwell when reclined can also be used as extra storage and can get recline to more horizontal position than in other seats. One night at The Drake with lake view and exec lounge. 24h visit of Chicago: tourbus, HRC. Transfer from airport with paid shared shuttle bus, to airport with taxi
IB3489 30 Aug 2006 08:25 GVA MAD 626 Business 5EF>3AC MD87 RTW01 E1 only 3 people in Business, us included, though assigned last row on 2 side 5EF. Moved to 3 seat side 3AC. Due to problems in LHR (terror scare, no handlugge, no liquids, flights cancelled...) decided to switch first flights to IB. Created some problem in getting ticketed, as reservation was done through BA... finally BA wrote tickets eventhough first segments on IB. cabin a bit warn, service OK, nothing special. (checked ACARS for reg, not found)
SN2721 29 Aug 2006 20:10 BRU GVA 330 Business 2C>2E Positioning flight for start of DONE4 ex-CH Round the World (RTW) (cheaper ex-CH at that time and convenient for us as well). This SN flight paid with SN Privilege miles including return on Apr2007 (product changed by then, see that flight). Quite empty flight also up front, 3 rows of J for 2 of us, so moved seats. (checked ACARS for reg, not found)
SN2646 09 Dec 2005 18:00 MUC BRU 371 Economy 14E 146 MUC rollout, with V. walked to towncentre one night, visited Weinachts Markt, Gluhwein, Lebcuechen, Mariakirche. One night out with local team at a Gasthof Kreitmar, a Biergarten out of town. SN good again, food sufficient
SN2641 05 Dec 2005 07:05 BRU MUC 371 Economy 7F 146 MUC rollout, with colleague V. Used SN Amex gold card SN lounge vouchers for both, my first visit to terminal A lounge, quite nice. Flight good, usual high (pre-merger) SN service. No rental car, site suggested using taxi service: Had same driver throughout stay. Hotel: Novotel Munchen City. quiet location, but still walking distance from town center, good breakfast and dinner.
BA398 21 Nov 2005 15:55 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 2A G-EUXC 321 MFU.
BA288 20 Nov 2005 19:30 PHX LHR 5267 Club World 60J+K G-CIVU 744 MFU. quite full flight, several people u/g into Club but alas still no op-up to F
BA289 04 Nov 2005 12:55 LHR PHX 5267 Club World 64J+K G-BNLB 744 MFU. AZ-NV-CA tour
BA391 04 Nov 2005 10:40 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 2A G-EUPH 319 MFU. AZ-NV-CA tour. 2 week driving tour, visited Phoenix (HWS Scottsdale), Tucson (ES Tucson), Canyon de Chelly, Page with beautiful Antelope Canyon, Vegas (Hilton), Death Valey NP, Palm Springs (HGI), San Diego (HI Select), car: burgundy Santa Fe
BA392 05 Aug 2005 00:00 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 2C>2E G-EUOA 319 relatively empty flight upfront, so moved to 2E, 3 seats to myself.
BA176 04 Aug 2005 19:30 JFK LHR 3448 Club World 62K>62J G-CIVY 744 OLCId 62K. Got paged to come to reception while I was in lounge, so I though yes, my first u/g to F, but 62K arrived soaking wet, was moved to 62J, whose original pax most likely received u/g to F, not me :-( (MFU). Straight to sleep after takeoff and after requesting not to be worken up for breakfast but at T-45, just before the 20 minutes to seatbelts announcement: went perfect, was changing into clothes as the annoucement came. Excellent service in that respect
BA403 31 Jul 2005 00:00 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 3A G-EUXC 321 flight packed due to BA taking on stranded BMI pax of cancelled flight (cargo door damaged to point of not sealing) Person next to me and her colleague had 25 minutes to connect from T4 to her BD long haul departing from T3. Of course, as luck has it, our arrival gate was at the V Pier... I informed her that this would add to the distance and time.
BA115 31 Jul 2005 00:00 LHR JFK 3448 Club World 64A G-CIVZ 744 strategic meeting. purposely tried out 64A, 4th fav for me. Also visit to TD, S & EL in RY + J,B,J&K in CT. Car: white Chevrolet Trailblazer ->puncture, replaced by white GMC Envoy (Hertz)
SN2714 06 Jun 2005 12:35 GVA BRU 330 Economy 11C 146 Privilege award flight leg 2. Thanks to SN and swissport for still letting me on, got to gate as doors were closing. Did send both companies a thank you note. Only swissport acknowledged...
BA726 06 Jun 2005 08:30 LHR GVA 469 Club Europe 9A+C 319 9 is exit row on BAs A319: extra leg room. Packed flight, 13 rows of CE, 5 pax per row and one guy carrying his whole estate with him caming on as last...Flight enormously delayed, almost missed connection to SN. check flt, not found.
BA174 05 Jun 2005 19:00 JFK LHR 3448 Club World 62A+B G-CIVR 744 straight from (afternoon) party on Long Island to JFK. expected worse traffic, but turned out OK, arrived early. First try of JFK F lounge (?)
BA115 29 May 2005 16:20 LHR JFK 3448 Club World 60J+K G-CIVW 744 seat was covered in icecream (I hope) whole cover was replaced for me prior to departure, then 2hr delay after pushback due to people hearing stange noises and bangs below deck. IFE system was started during the wait, and CW upperdeck pax were asked if they wanted to have their starters served already.
BA729 29 May 2005 13:25 GVA LHR 469 Club Europe 5A+C G-EUPR 319 to Toms party. virtually empty flight. D and mom arrived later in EWR on CO flight. Went to pick them up. car: purple/grey Trailblazer (National)
SN2713 29 May 2005 10:00 BRU GVA 330 Economy 7D 146 Privilege award flight leg 1, positioning fligth for corp rate on BA ex-GVA , towards Uncle Toms party
BD155 24 May 2005 18:30 LHR BRU 218 Business trip cancelled return of cancelled business trip
BD142 23 May 2005 09:45 BRU LHR 218 Business trip cancelled work trip cancelled as reason for travel was cancelled, RAE meeting
SN2190 08 Apr 2005 15:55 NCL BRU 384 Economy 12A 146 CRAM regionalization. Used my BAEC Gold status for access to BA Terraces lounge, which is in a strange location: from lounge to gate had to fight my way through people who just deplaned going opposite direction towards arrival hall, pass through a door separating arriving and departing passengers to get to a closed off grate area for another short wait there. Usual (at the time) efficient and well portioned Eco service on SN
SN2193 05 Apr 2005 20:20 BRU NCL 384 Economy 11D 146 CRAM regionalization. stayed at lovely Hilton Gatehead with view on river and bridge, HH Gold upgrade to Exec level with lounge access (saved the company on meals) car: Ford Focus Estate (Hertz) brand new
SN2720 13 Mar 2005 19:30 GVA BRU 330 Economy 5D 146 return from Geneva Car Show. Jet Aviation Lounge on Diners Club, basic but comfy lounge, food OK.Disadvantage of GVA(pre-Schengen):lounges between passport and security check, so need to leave time for security. Walked over to BA lounge, but saw security line was long: 7 minutes to get through, aircraft late arrival, turnaround in 20 min. box: mini cheese sany + pasta provencal. seconds were offered even on a full flight. too bad the new SN is not like this anymore (post March 2007)
SN2721 11 Mar 2005 19:30 BRU GVA 330 Economy 7F 146 Geneva Car Show. Visit to SN lounge on SN AmEx gold voucher, limited drinks selection. Y 75% full, excellent Brussels Bistro box with chicken salad sandwich, asked for 2nds at end of service and got a 2nd box, tea with lemon slice(!). Seats quite roomy
EI683 17 Feb 2005 16:35 DUB BRU 488 Business 2F 735 my last Aer Lingus Business class flight, they cut the service to low cost meals for pay only for most European flights on 1 April 2005, so no more BA Tier Points...
EI631 14 Feb 2005 10:05 BRU DUB 488 Business 2A 735 BAL regionalization. rental: Silver Toyota Avensis from Hertz
LH4592 11 Jan 2005 21:20 FRA BRU 188 Business 6A+C leg 4 of award ticket w/US miles. Horrible LH lounges in FRA, smoke everywhere, no decent food (except for gummy bears!). Gates in FRA have a pre-boarding sitting area for elite travelers arriving at the gate before boarding, kind of weird seeing Y pax standing/walking while sitting in a kind of glass cage. Flight OK. As usual with LH short haul, 3+3 seating with middle seat open or partly folded down in Business
LH739 11 Jan 2005 13:25 HKG FRA 5694 Business 5D+G 744 HK acvtivities: HRC, Peak, Star Ferry, Harbor Cruise, tour to New Territories and view of border... leg 3 of award ticket w/US miles. 5DG best of these pretty poor old BC seats: no one reclining into us and no one behind us grabbing backrest, old BC, recline 135. Service efficient but cold
CX708 07 Jan 2005 09:50 BKK HKG 1046 Economy added BKK to itin as afterthought, but it turned out to be very interesting. again excellent service but no u/g. Bought ticket in H class for points earning (only EUR40 more). 2 nts (one Amb free) IC HongKong with harbor view and club access: one of the best hotels in the world. Hotel was full for nt 3-4 due to toy conference, transfer via taxi to Renaissance Harbor View (connected to conf center, but still available) harbor view exec club room, good lounge, not as good as Intercontinental....
CX703 04 Jan 2005 18:40 HKG BKK 1046 Economy paid HKD2540 pp for H class,only EUR40 more than cheapest and earning 40 BAEC points. visit to Wing & Pier FC lounges as BA Gold (see previous comment). On board received personal welcome from CSD but no u/g :-(, was so charmed by the Business Class salt and peper shakers that I bought one from duty free catalogue. BKK taximeter to HI Silom Bangkok (former Crowne Plaza) with club access, 2 guided tours (city+palace by bus and on foot, river+canals tour), very recommendable, local tube ok, HRC
SQ862 04 Jan 2005 11:00 SIN HKG 1586 Business 14A+C 772 leg 2 of award ticket w/US miles. 3 class aircraft with regional business class. Luggage was checked through onto next flight (CX) but SQ could not give bp: transfer desk past health check with IR scanner for SARS. roughly 3hrs to sample Wing and Pier FC lounges (BA Gold), very nice indeed. Bath with champagne and shower in cabana, sushi bar, internet
SQ323 29 Dec 2004 00:00 AMS SIN 6530 Business 12D+F 772ER leg 1 of business award ticket on SQ and LH for 2 w/USair only 105K/pp, burning all miles for possible US bankrupcy (did not happen in the end). SQ 2 class aircraft with Spacebeds. service ++++. New Year in SIN,no celebrations in honor of tsunami victims.Suite at IC Singapore with club access, nice hotel, direct access to Metro, but view spoiled (at the time) by construction of the national library. visit of city, Changi POW Museum and beach (also saw construction of new island for SIN runways)
EI638 17 Dec 2004 16:35 DUB BRU 488 Business 3D 735 BAL regionalization prep
EI639 15 Dec 2004 19:35 BRU DUB 488 Business 5D 735 BAL regionalization prep. Toyota Avensis from Hertz First night at Hilton Dublin, next day drive to south, local hotel.
SN2296 14 Oct 2004 00:00 ARN BRU 801 Business 2D 146 SOL regionalization. MFU with SN Privilege miles, access to AY lounge, quite OK, helped to kill time while waiting for delayed inboud aircraft. Could see gate from lounge. fast turnaround
SN2291 12 Oct 2004 09:20 BRU ARN 801 Economy 5C 146 SOL regionalization. local transport by Taxi or colleagues. Hotel Scandic Infra,
BA938 31 Jul 2004 10:50 LHR DUS 312 Club Europe 2F G-EUUK 320
BA176 30 Jul 2004 20:00 JFK LHR 3448 Club World 60J G-CIVF 744 was scheduled for the 2100 flight (OLCId 62K) but arrived early and got on an earlier flight (which was still delayed). Helped in getting connection to DUS(21.00 flight was even more delayed than the 20.00 flight)
BA215 24 Jul 2004 16:15 LHR BOS 3262 Club World 62K G-CIVR 744
BA939 24 Jul 2004 14:05 DUS LHR 312 Club Europe 1F G-BUSK 320 Expedient, also visit to TD
EI638 25 Mar 2004 16:45 DUB BRU 488 Business 4C BAL rollout. afrternoon flight for IE, no real meal, only snack, but did load up on champagne (had driver waiting in BRU)
EI637 23 Mar 2004 19:45 BRU DUB 488 Business 8A 32S BAL rollout. 1 Night in Dublin, booked at Hilton (same as stayed earlier on weekend visit) but was directed to Conrad, which was quite nice and respected my HH Gold privileges. Rental: Citroen C5 from Hertz. banged into a pothole in the middle of the Irish countryside on the way to the plant, and found that the old citroen add is not that comfy, called Hertz who told me it would be at least an hour so quickly swapped tires myself and training I was giving was only slightly delayed.
SN2714 01 Feb 2004 12:20 GVA BRU 330 Business Y 5DF>2DF 146 award flt for 2 with C.tried to stretch BA Gold opendoors to + Guest but alas. Op-Up on plane due to chef-de-cabine being a friend and her husband our pilot, and no paying pax in Business. C got to sit in cockpit for flight and landing, quite an unexpected treat for her birthday present weekend.
SN2721 30 Jan 2004 19:55 BRU GVA 330 Economy 5 DEF 146 award flt for 2 with C to see Prix de Lausane for her birthday. quite full flt but still 3 seats for the 2 of us.
BA392 20 Dec 2003 08:55 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 2D G-EUOA 319 (work)
BA66 19 Dec 2003 18:05 PHL LHR 3541 Club World 62K G-CIVV 744 (work) original return scheduled for Wed 17 Dec, extended for some last minute meetings and extensions, moved to Friday evening return
BA189 08 Dec 2003 14:15 LHR EWR 3462 Club World 10B G-VIIV 772 (work)
BA393 08 Dec 2003 12:20 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 2C G-EUUN 320 (work)
DL124 21 Nov 2003 18:00 ATL BRU 4422 Business 1C+E 763ER Hawaii trip back. DL award flights segement 4
DL178 21 Nov 2003 00:00 LAX ATL 1944 First 6C+E 763ER Hawaii trip back. DL award flights segement 3. Domestic First service in BE seats. Long layover in ATL, so tried several lounged, including BA (who had the best coffee with their usual espresso machines)
AA298 20 Nov 2003 22:35 HNL LAX 2554 First 2H+J 763 Hawaii trip back. AA MFU. Domestic First service in Intl BC seats. Quite early check-in so took the long walk to QF lounge (access as BA Gold) as AA no longer has own lounge at HNL, but QF lounge is above the QF gates, not AA gates (at the time) Nice and cozy lounge, not bussy as no QF flights when we were there, flight delayed so glad to have the lounge. Fell asleep right after take off
HA091 19 Nov 2003 09:05 OGG HNL 100 Economy 717 award flight 2, leg 2, MOVED TO LATER FLIGHT? Back to HNL for 36 hours, DT Alana on points upgraded to corner suite ocean view, got free upgrade to PT Cruiser pretty cool (some discussion with hotel staff on liability of forced valet parking). Last vist to the windgap and drive to Kaena Point
HA091 17 Nov 2003 06:30 HNL OGG 100 Economy 717 award flight 2, leg 1, MOVED TO LATER FLIGHT?. Hop over to Maui, 2nts Wailea Renaissance with MR points, very nice and cozy, slightly colonial style place, luau in hotel garden. Nicest hotel around, but apparently torn down in 2007 :-( Up Haleakala with bright orange Nissan XTerra (try not to hit the cyclists descending!). Road to Hanna the long unpaved way in, paved out, passed the ?? falls. very beautifull. Iaos Needle
HA341 16 Nov 2003 16:10 KOA HNL 163 Economy 717 on Big Island also drove up Saddle Road and Moana Kea to observatory, Hilo, waipio Valley, falls, Puukohola Heiau Ntl Historic Site. Excellent views of Diamond head and Waikiki beack on approach to HNL.Hop back to HNL as could not get a 3 legged trip.HNL airport Best Western,not recommended,took time to do laundry & ran into Navy guy and his wife who were living in the hotel for the past 3 months due to housing shorage for military.
HA120 13 Nov 2003 08:55 HNL KOA 163 Economy 717 award flight 1, leg 1, with 5000 AA miles for a return trip at the time (now 10k). Free seating in Y, but HA elites get priority boarding. Still managed to get 3 seats for the 2 of us on all flights if I remember correctly. HWV 3 nts, 1st in Ocean tower, but ground floor ocean view, felt more like basement, did not like, moved to Palace Tower with golf view, much better room. breakfast in exec lounge in Ocean Tower. blue G Cherokee, locked keys in car when visiting Volcanos NP,Ranger opened it
AA31 09 Nov 2003 09:15 LAX HNL 2554 First 4D+G 763 Hawaii trip out. AA MFU. Domestic First service in intl BC seats. Asside from seats and service on board, best perk was the fast lane at security as the main lane seem hours long. Quick visit to Admirals Club with 2 vouchers each. HHV 2 nights on HH points, 2 nts paid. Jeep Grand Cherokee from Dollar? hike up Diamond Head, USS Arizona and Missouri, scenic driving east and north coast of Oahu + Pineaple fields and windgap view of north side on Pali Hwy at Nuuanu Pali State Park
DL151 08 Nov 2003 17:40 JFK LAX 2473 First 1C+E 763ER bough $350 Y r/t LAX-HNL on AA, miles upgrade. collect and recheck luggage in a tiny transfer area, through security and up to departures. Lounge quite bussy, enjoyed masage chair! Domestic First service with traditional BE seats. 1 nt layover in LAX, discovered HGI El Segundo, for me the best LAX airport hotel and most often quite cheap. It was (not sure if still is) at the time a location where they tested new room types and furniture, so you could end up with something completely different
DL141 08 Nov 2003 13:00 BRU JFK 3665 Business 1C+E 763ER Hawaii trip. DL award flights segment 1, burning all DL miles 2x80K, bye bye Delta for transat, I am a BA convert now (corp travel policy allowing) As a Skymiles Gold, I did receive a personal welcome from the pursor, during which I managed to knock over glass of champagne onto JLMs lap. in this config, tried to get bulkhead seats to ensure no-one reclining into us (eventhough seatpitch is 55-60). Original plan was to get to Hawaii with DL on miles, but impossible to get decent dates, so ...
BA404 12 Oct 2003 19:35 LHR BRU 218 Euro Traveller Y 16F >12K G-BZHB 763 received half upgrade: CSD offered me and 1 other Gold to sit in front of curtain, in a kind of bufferzone between ET and CE (rows 12-14) on shorthaul 763, though still galley between me and real CE. Service was ET, but I did have to point out to them that I wanted to be served, as they started at the curtain going back... I guess CSD had not explained what these 2 guys were doing in front of the curtain in section B
EI176 12 Oct 2003 17:00 DUB LHR 279 Business 4D EI-CPC 321 booked as BA 5976, I-fare run, operated by AerLingus as EI176, I fare run. Nice enough EI lounge in DUB,
EI155 11 Oct 2003 09:55 LHR DUB 279 Business 2D 320 booked as BA 5955, operated by AerLingus as EI155, I fare run. check flt, not found. Taxi to Hilton Dublin, walk and hoppa bus tour of Dublin, visit to Guinness brewery...
BA389 11 Oct 2003 07:40 BRU LHR 218 Euro Traveller 32D G-BPEC 752 unknowingly turned down an upgrade to sit with J&A who were flying on SN tickets. arrival into T1, transit to domesitc side of T1, passport control. Long walk to domestic gate, quick drop by BA lounge in that section (standard Club at the time) and quick visit to EI lounge: not much more than a waiting hall with standard waiting benches and some complementary drinks.
BA938 02 Oct 2003 00:00 LHR DUS 312 Club Europe 8D G-CPEM 752 return from concorde flight. was really tired due to hardly sleeping on previous flight and had to drive DUS-BRU. Pulled over on a park&ride for a short rest.
BA92 01 Oct 2003 18:35 YYZ LHR 3553 Club World 62K G-BNLH 744 switchback return from concorde flight. Hardly slept as woman next to me kept on pressing call button in her sleep so FA came over several times to see what I wanted. Took a while to figure this one out.
BA97 01 Oct 2003 15:00 LHR YYZ 3553 Concorde 24A G-BOAG SSC Concorde farewell flight to Toronto (namesake of the site, though that was actually the YYZ-JFK leg on 2 Oct, see BA97s own flight diary) very festive flight and pre-flight reception on Concorde lounge. True once in a lifetime experience for me. Lots of people witnesing landing. Parked in front of hangar where party was planned, so had passport control on the plane. Took a while to get off and bussed to terminal, Security line, and straight back onto next flight
BA939 01 Oct 2003 12:30 DUS LHR 312 Club Europe 5C G-DOCM 734 special ex-Germany price for one way upgrade J to F and including R got me onto Concorde farewell, thanks to FTer Expedient, booked less than 2 days in advance, even before I checked with my boss whether I could take time off. Drove to DUS and parked there, ok BA lounge
BA392 18 May 2003 08:55 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 2C G-EUPH 319 (work)
BA174 17 May 2003 19:01 JFK LHR 3448 Club World 62K G-CIVM 744 (work) Corp travel agent booked into seat 19G, moved to my favorite seat of course
BA189 10 May 2003 14:45 LHR EWR 3462 Club World 10D G-VIIE 772 (work) Corp travel agent booked me in 11D, moved to 10D at checkin. hotels MR, HWS, Ham. Hertz rental Ford Taurus, miles credited to SN
BA391 10 May 2003 09:55 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 3D G-EUOG 319 (work)
EI636 04 Apr 2003 16:50 DUB BRU 488 Business 1C 32S? BAL rollout, with colleague V, who I remember was not at all in a hurry after flight was called 3 times and we were being paged... typical V
EI631 31 Mar 2003 11:05 BRU DUB 488 Business 3A 32S? BAL rollout, with colleague V. Rental: Alfa Romeo 146. Quite a nice drive, got cought by speedtrap, I was driving almost all the times, but rental was under Vs name, so V got the fine
BA392 14 Dec 2002 08:55 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 5C G-DOCH 734 work. Luggage did not make it, deliverd next day
BA66 13 Dec 2002 00:00 PHL LHR 3541 Club World 62K G-BNLT 744 work
BA389 08 Dec 2002 00:00 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe 6C G-DOCA 734 work, dont think visit to J&B, but did do some x-mas shopping
BA67 08 Dec 2002 00:00 LHR PHL 3541 Club World 62K G-CIVB 744 first time in 62K and my top favorite since. Originally booked into 13E by corp travel agent, but colleague wised me up. Hertz Mercury Grand Marquis. DT hotel
DL140 20 Nov 2002 19:55 JFK BRU 3665 Business 2C 763ER last paid DL trip for work, converted to BA for work transat flights
DL141 10 Nov 2002 13:00 BRU JFK 3665 Business 6E 763ER last paid DL trip for work, converted to BA for transat flights after this (as long as price was lower). Hotel MR, Ham. Met up with colleagues JH and AC whose travel overlapped mine. Weekend visit to CT. Hertz car, received upgrade to SUV Mercury Mountaineer
BA392 26 Oct 2002 08:55 LHR BRU 218 Club Europe 4D G-EUPD 319 after first red eye transat via London, I was not all too happy in London, and at that time wished I had flown direct. Later learned to sleep better on airplanes
BA112 25 Oct 2002 18:00 JFK LHR 3448 Club World 60B G-CIVW 744 originally return planned for 12 Oct, but then extended, on condition of 1 week vacation in between (see US Air flights)
US62 12 Oct 2002 00:00 DEN PHL 1555 First 2 A+C 321 award flt for 2 with USairways miles. remember being hungry on this flight or the previous, but no food service... FA did prepare meal for crew, and we could smell it! Airline food never smelt so attractive as that time...
US125 05 Oct 2002 00:00 PHL DEN 1555 First 2 A+C 319? award flt for 2 with USairways miles. 1 week driving trip through Colorado plateau CO-AZ-UT trip: DEN DT (nice redeption option at the time for 7500 points), Pueblo Hamtpon :-(, Mesa Verde, Monument Valey, Natural Bridges, Arches, Canyonlands. car: very pleasant red Ford Escape
BA69 15 Sep 2002 16:30 LHR PHL 3541 Club World 10 B G-VIIG 772 was indeed very charmed by NCW... my first real flat (asside from the fluke on SN in Nov1999) Work trip, rental car Merckury Sable from Hertz with NeverLost
BA403 15 Sep 2002 14:45 BRU LHR 218 Club Europe G-EUPO 319 work + 1 week vacation in between (see USair flights). BA added as corp travel supplier for transat, most often at better prices than the directs (CO, DL, US), colleague said I should try them...
DL140 09 May 2002 17:50 JFK BRU 3665 Business 3E 763ER work
DL141 27 Apr 2002 10:50 BRU JFK 3665 Business 4C 763ER work. Hotels: Sheraton WOO, first discovery of HWS with which I was impressed. Cars from Hertz: swapped car on 29 April at EWR due to severe steering disallignment, pulled to the left very hard. changed from a white Ford Taurus to a grey or beige Toyota Camry. training in RY, meetings in WP
DL140 31 Mar 2002 17:50 JFK BRU 3665 Business 4C 763ER corporate rates on DL quite good then, got accustomed to BE service quite fast
DL141 23 Mar 2002 10:50 BRU JFK 3665 Business 2C 763ER start of intense travel for work. On project team to develop, customize, install and train new application. Hertz Mistubishi Galant. Hotel DT
AA7394 09 Dec 2001 00:00 CDG ZYR 156 Economy 08-61 TGV Thalys train. Quite long layover, asked if I could take earlier train, but no. JLM came back 1 week later due to work, so I picked up by car after visiting E, to save her the long wait, but due to delay of arrival, would have missed train anyhow and have to take later one I guess. Miles were credited for the non-taken train trip
AA44 08 Dec 2001 00:00 JFK CDG 3631 Economy 26C move 777 again quite empty flight, everyone had at least 2 seats, and many, myself included had a flatbed with 5PTVs: 1 whole row of 5 seats (23CDEFG)
AA1262 01 Dec 2001 00:00 MIA JFK 1089 Economy 32 C+D 757? absolutely packed flight after cruise, visit to J&B in CT
AA7393 23 Nov 2001 00:00 ZYR CDG 156 Economy TGV to first cruise. were running late due to trying to finish off work. Got on train just in time without checking in, but had paper AA tickets. Conductor was friendly enough to accept them, but said that normally... he was being nice to us, but also to himself: less paperwork. Interesting that we did get miles for the train, eventhough not checked in... I guess they assumed as we did take the connecting flight.
AA63 23 Nov 2001 00:00 CDG MIA 4585 Economy 38HJ mov 767 on way to first Cruise. our first flight after 11 Sept 2001, very empty, each had a 3 seater to ourselves (37 CEG and 38CEG) One month later (22Dec2001) Richard Reed attempted to blow up same flight with a bomb in shoe. Excellent service and excellent crew, who offered me a 1st class amenity kit (saw I had an AA business class one). Finishing off work most of flight and e-mailed it to my boss the next morning from MIA Sheraton. Met up with J&B family for brunch and dropped us off at the ship
SN_552 31 Mar 2001 18:00 JFK BRU 3665 Business 4D 340 Because of throat infection had problems clearing ears, quite painfull. fa taught me some tricks to releive pressure. In hindsight, my last flight with good old Sabena: for business travel we were asked to avoid them, due to the instability and impending bankrupcy, which finally occured in Nov 2001. For Transatlantic swithced to Delta (for 1 year) then to BA
SN_551 24 Mar 2001 11:10 BRU JFK 3665 Business 4D 340 work. week of intense app training prior to full rollout. Visited J&B on Saturday and drove to PA on Sunday, during which I fell ill with throat infection for rest of week, so skipped the evening activities, went from bed to class and back each day. highlight was car upgrade to Mustang (though actually not such a good car at the time...) from Hertz. Hotel DT
SN_2646 26 Jan 2001 16:25 MUC BRU 371 Business 2A 146 SABENA (operated by DAT) got to know difference between business on 32S and in 146... Quite full in business so had neighbour in quite narrow seat: young engineer setting up a plant near MUC, commuting out and back each week for 7 months by then... I guess too much of something nice...
SN_2649 24 Jan 2001 18:50 BRU MUC 371 Business 2 F 32S work trip to MUC for application pilot assesment confernece. we were still allowed business class on s/h at that time, coprorate rule now (2007) business only for flights over 6 hours or over 5 hours for redeyes. Taxies and minibusses for all transports. Hotel Excelsior downtown
AA558 05 Oct 2000 00:00 LAX ORD 1743 Economy F100? package fly+drive CA-NV-UT tour.
AA88 05 Oct 2000 00:00 ORD BRU 4156 Economy package fly+drive CA-NV-UT tour.
AA89 21 Sep 2000 00:00 BRU ORD 4156 Economy package fly+drive CA-NV-UT tour. remember having a drink in one of the quiter corridors connecting 2 piers with view of apron. . Flights posted to SN, only earning on return(5623 miles)
AA729 21 Sep 2000 00:00 ORD LAX 1743 Economy package fly+drive CA-NV-UT tour. flight to be verified. Rental car Dodge or Chrysler full size
SN_538 30 Nov 1999 00:00 JFK BRU 3665 Business 1 E 340 tried to get that former first class seat again, but not/no longer on this aircraft
SN_547 23 Nov 1999 00:00 BRU JFK 3665 Business 1 E 340 work. first trip visiting colleagues in USA team to learn processes and procedures. Nov or Oct? SN Privilege states Oct, see if can be retrieved from expense report system... Sabena, row 1 was former First class, going all the way flat. Dinner out with JP&family at a restaurant overlooking runway of local airport. hotel DT Plymouth Meeting. Car from Hertz: Ford Taurus?
SN_538 09 Aug 1999 00:00 JFK BRU 3665 Business 340 MFU special, return
SN__537 05 Aug 1999 00:00 BRU JFK 3665 Business 340 MFU special at 10K miles per segment. TD&S wedding? If so, car upgraded to SUV (Suburban or Jimmy? might still have unpaid parking fine somewhere), stayed at Club Quarters Boston through corp membership, interesting concept. Cannot remember whether I went to CT or Marshfield on this trip
SN__534 24 May 1999 00:00 BOS BRU 3477 Economy Also there for Uncle Toms 50th anniversary. Of return flight only remember returning rental car in the poring rain, loooong queue at checkin and looong walk to gate.
SN_533 15 May 1999 00:00 BRU BOS 3477 Economy visit to TD completing MBA at BU, no room for me, so stayed at HIE Boston along I93, rented white Kia Sportage at dollar or budget. met S and all went to Red Sox-Yankees game at Fennway park. Also met up with Dr.McC for a day + drive down to Marshfield to visit J, J &M. no recollection of flight
SN_538 19 Dec 1998 00:00 EWR BRU 3677 Business According to SN Privilege was out and back to EWR, but I remember JFK, though EWR would make more sense for work. On Friday, visited J&B in new house in CT, arrived approx same time as first entry of Baby J into house. Helpded unpacking from move. Flew back next day.
SN_537 12 Dec 1998 00:00 BRU EWR 3677 Business 1st business trip, hosted by JP. Privilege history also shows Hertz rental at EWR. US version of first series Mondeo if memory serves right.
MP645 21 Nov 1998 00:00 AMS MIA 4629 Economy way back MD11? (VX partial record: boekske) package tour fly+drive Florida
MP646 06 Nov 1998 00:00 MIA AMS 4629 Economy way back MD11? (VX partial record: boekske) package tour fly+drive Florida. Hyundai Sonata from hertz
SN_539 01 Mar 1997 00:00 JFK BRU 3665 Economy (X no record) with D. return flight from wedding. Night flight. due to equipment change (340>330?) were looking for offload volunteers (did not get it) and seating layout was all messed up: we were no longer sitting together and both stuck in center seats, managed to get us moved to window-aisle pair. D slept throughout the flight, I snoozed a bit.
SN_538 22 Feb 1997 00:00 BRU JFK 3665 Economy (X no record) flight to J&B wedding with DIM. Picked up by JLM in rented GMC Jimmy/Chevy suburban at T4, quite late in evening EST, fell asleep horizontal on back seat on way to CT.
BD1111 12 Jan 1996 00:00 BHX BRU 288 Economy F100? (X no record) return flight visit to Ian with Jlm. Verify dates and flight. Or was it 1997?
BD1111 10 Jan 1996 00:00 BRU BHX 288 Economy F100? (X no record) Verify dates and flight. Visit to Ian. Stopped by at Bru terminal B DC lounge for the first time (SN DC Card). Dont rember much from the flight except that it was cheap (bought through Travelocity for first time, did create some problems collecting paper tickets) and (at that time) pretty good in-flight service.
SN_3161 01 Aug 1994 19:25 BRU FAO 1138 Economy (X no record) Algarve trip 2 with C and F in hotel in Praia da Rocha. most likely SLR flt. to check flt time (date quite certain)
SN__3162 20 Jul 1994 07:05 FAO BRU 1138 Economy (X no record) Algave trip 2 return flight. most likely SLR flt. to check flt time (date quite certain)
SN_xxx 21 Jun 1994 00:00 JFK BRU 3665 Economy no record, probably TWA flight? certainly JFK. Maine and Acadia trip in Vixen from CT
SN_xxx 31 May 1994 00:00 BRU JFK 3665 Economy no record, Maine and Acadia trip
SN_698 14 Nov 1993 00:00 EDI BRU 476 Economy (X no record) no confirmation of date, time or flight number. Return from visting Tara and Edinburg
SN_691 11 Nov 1993 00:00 BRU EDI 476 Economy 737? (VX: record found in SN FF statement) visit to Tara. Was supposed to fly out evening before, but due to holiday weekend in Belgium and computers down (old terminal) there was a massive delay in checking people in. Was sent to gate with all luggage but no guarantee of seat... rebooked on next morning. I only remember the maylay of the wednesday, nothing of the thursday or the flight
SN_3162 24 Sep 1993 07:05 FAO BRU 1138 Economy 8D (VX partial record) Algave trip 1 return. flt most likely SLR, to check date. did find back handwriten boarding card on TAP cardboard with SLR3162 stamped and seat 8D handwritten. Was it first, 2nd or 3rd Algarve trip that had weird routing BRU-LIS-FAOxFAO-LHR-BRU set up by Bs fathers secretary? possibly first in 1992
SN_3161 12 Sep 1993 19:25 BRU FAO 1138 Economy (X no record) Algave trip 1 with B, C and F. flight most likely SLR, to check date. Rented great villa in hills overlooking Carvoeiro and the sea. rental car Suzuki Santana jeep without canvas roof... untill it started raining a few days later. went back to airport to get canvas roof. made some friends with Portuguese youth, those were the days
TW0000 09 Jul 1991 00:00 JFK BRU 3665 Economy (X no record) to verify time and dates as well as routing... Also remember visiting Washington, Foggy Bottom metro, staying at a HoJo outside of town and taking metro into town, Smithsonian Air and Space museum (time to revisit...), visiting Fort McNair (?) on foot as papa could not drive on the grounds as he forgot drivers licence which sentry wanted to see.... 4th of July fireworks over DC from near Arlington National Cemetary, visiting ANC and seeing JFKs grave and the change of the guard,
TW000 26 Jun 1991 00:00 BRU DCA 3876 Economy L-1011 (X no record) to check dates and flights. papas retirement farewell tour and my graduation present. Not sure about routing, remember ariving at DCA, rental car was a light blue Ford Tempo, getting on and off train to NHV (ZVE) and being picked up by B and seeing her for first time (J in Europe finishing degree?), going to pizzeria downtown, another italian with Fred later that week, strange encounter with Dutch NATO guy. this was most likely after WAS/DE driving trip
SN_538 26 Aug 1977 00:00 JFK BRU 3665 Economy (X no record) family trip to USA, dont remember much (was a toddler), dates, times, flights to be verified, certain of year though...
SN_537 26 Jul 1977 00:00 BRU JFK 3665 Economy 707 (X no record) family trip to USA, dont remember much (was a toddler), dates, times, flights to be verified. remember missing flight on original date, being driven back home in VW Van by airline staff. Left next day. In USA, rented a green 2 tone Dodge van, visited DC, NYC, MA. Remember air and space museum...